20 Vintage Toys Topping 2013 Christmas Wish Lists for Kids

What’s on the Christmas wish list for kids this year? Nothing, it would seem.

Well, nothing in the sense that there is no “top toy” for 2013.

“There are no hot toys this year; there really aren’t,” said Gerrick Johnson, a toy industry analyst at BMO Capital Markets. “We don’t have a Tickle Me Elmo or a Zhu Zhu Pet or a Cabbage Patch Kid — nothing that is approaching phenomenon status.”

“In the 12 years I’ve been covering toys, we’ve always had something selling for a premium on eBay,” Johnson said, referring to the online auction site. “This is the first time we’re not seeing that.”

This is GOOD NEWS people! Our kids get to be individuals. There’s no playground competition to keep up with the other kids and be the first to have the biggest and best, or feel left out because Mama couldn’t get off work in time to get the last hot toy from the shelf.

This year, the kids want the classics.

“The nostalgia surrounding some of the oldest toys will never go away,” said Kathy Grannis, a spokeswoman for the National Retail Federation. “A lot of kids are still growing up on traditional toys.”

  • Top 20 1 of 21
    Top 20 Vintage Christmas Toys

    Here's the Top 20 Toys for Boys and Girls according to the National Retail Federation They're headed back to the old school with these mainstays ...

  • 1. LEGO 2 of 21

    The classic is tops for boys this year. As we wandered the store doing up my boys' wish list for Santa, we stopped multiple times for LEGO sets, including the big giant minifig head.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • 2. Video Games 3 of 21

    The new consoles are coming on the wish lists, don't worry. BUT if you've got an older gaming system, know the kids are happy with new games to be added to the roster.

    Image via Ryan Somma

  • 3. Cars and Trucks 4 of 21

    Race car. Dump Truck. Fire truck. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it can be pushed on the floor while making a vrrrrooom sound. 

    Image via Nathan Put-Fernandez

  • 4. Hot Wheels 5 of 21

    These are mine. We keep them at Nana's house with the old Fisher Price sets. Whenever we do groceries, the boys always seem to stop and linger at the aisle end-cap with the collection of toys. The ones they always pick up? The Hot Wheels.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • 5. XBox One 6 of 21

    Okay, not everything is vintage on this list. A couple new models made the wish list including the latest Xbox.

    Image via Craighton Miller

  • 6. PS 4 7 of 21

    Video games, video games, video games. When we get to the girls, you'll see it's all about the dolls. Boys are about the games (although this one made #10 for the girls too).

    Image via Stiftelsen Elektronikkbransjen

  • 7. Skylanders 8 of 21

    The giants of Skylander may not be vintage, but they're not new either. As the toy line branches out into other genres (like these bricks), the boys still want to play with them.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • 8. Remote Control Vehicles 9 of 21

    Remote control vehicles have been around since the '60s. I can't make them work for the life of me, but in the hands of a child the chance to drive a motorcycle, car, helicopter, or boat is magical.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • 9. Action Figures 10 of 21

    When you have an action figure in your hand, it's a chance to be a superhero, be a star, or be a movie character. In this case, my son is Han Solo crashed on Hoth looking for Luke.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • 10. Bike 11 of 21

    This was supposed to be my son's Christmas present when I snagged it at an end of summer sale in August. But, alas, I couldn't keep a secret and he's already been riding it. Still, the best Christmas memory I have is running into the living room one morning and seeing a bright orange bike - with my brother's name on the tag. 🙁

    Image via DadCAMP

  • 1. Barbie 12 of 21

    There will always be Barbie on this list, near the top of the list, or ruling it all. For 54 years she has defined doll play and shows no signs of slowing down.

    Image via Tracheotomy Bob

  • 2. Doll 13 of 21

    "Doll. Just a doll please, Santa," is what many girls will be asking for. Be it a friend, or a chance to model their mom's behaviour, dolls are centuries old and still popular.

    Image via Phillip Dean

  • 3. Monster High 14 of 21

    Monster High debuted in 2010, and the goth girls are still popular.


    Image via Malik Bagci

  • 4. Disney Princesses 15 of 21

    Take your pick, from Cinderella to Merida, the princesses show no sign of waning popularity. They are sure to be on this list for happily ever after.

    Image via MyDisneyAdventure

  • 5. American Girl 16 of 21

    Since 1986, American Girl has captured the imagination of girls across America and the dolls are riding high again this year.


    Image via Patrick Ashley

  • 6. Furby 17 of 21

    The peak season for Furbies was 1998 to 2000, when 40 million of these big eyed fuzzballs were sold over those three years — and now they're back.

    Image via VoxFX

  • 7. LEGO / LEGO Friends 18 of 21

    Don't get me started on the girl LEGO vs boy LEGO thing. LEGO is LEGO is LEGO. Girls have asked for both LEGO and LEGO Friends this year.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • 8. Elmo 19 of 21

    Elmo's big Christmas debut came in 1996 when that tickle monster was the darling of the season. Many incarnations of the annual Elmo doll have followed since. No specific Elmo character is wanted this year, they just want him.

    Image via Peter Taylor

  • 9. Hello Kitty 20 of 21

    This Sanrio character first debuted in 1974 and has ridden many waves of popular culture. For Christmas 2013, she's back. 


    Image via Christian Lau

  • 10. My Little Pony 21 of 21

    This year, My Little Pony turns 30 and made the top 10 of the girls' list for 2013, but if you've got bronies in your family, they might appreciate it too. My boys enjoy the cartoon, I'll give you that. 

    Image via Amy Perault

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