Oh No You Didn't! 12 Ways to Quickly Make A Mom Angry

I have been having one of those parenting weeks that just don’t want to go smoothly for me. I think it’s probably because I bragged and told you all that I have my stuff together, but I know that this stuff is bound to happen. Nothing I can’t handle, but it does mean my fuse is a little shorter.

I don’t get upset easily and my definitions of ‘anger’ may differ from someone else’s but it will include quiet mutterings to myself, a lot of deep sighing and a super displeased look on my face. I kind of turn to the dark side like the evil Darth Vader and only time (or a few glasses of wine) can bring me out of the anger-funk.

I swear, sometimes my kids to it to me on purpose and while I admit some days it’s not hard to anger me — there are some easy ways to do it quickly.

Click through for 12 quick ways to make mom angry and best of luck to you if you do:

  • Don’t Replace Toilet Paper 1 of 12
    Don't Replace Toilet Paper
    Seriously, it's not that hard to put the roll on the holder but for some reason, I always find this.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Leave Your Shoes At the Front Door 2 of 12
    Leave Your Shoes At the Front Door
    I tell him to put his shoes away, he does this. Now, when his dad tries to walk in the door he can't and it frustrates both of us.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Don’t Clean Out Your Lunch Box 3 of 12
    Don't Clean Out Your Lunch Box
    Particularly annoying on a Monday morning when you're grabbing the lunch box to fill it. Only to find their half eaten cheese and meat sandwich still sitting there and sticking up the bag.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Lego… On the Floor 4 of 12
    Lego... On the Floor
    Because there is no greater torture device then random Lego on the floor. LOVE the toy, hate the (painful) mess.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • “Mom, I have no underwear” 5 of 12
    "Mom, I have no underwear"
    I hate doing laundry and nothing will get under my skin quicker then someone asking where the clean underwear or socks are.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • “Mom, I’m Starving” 6 of 12
    "Mom, I'm Starving"
    My kids are far from 'starving' but they love to be dramatic. This one always seems to bring the anger sharks a-swimming.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Throwing Used Bandaids 7 of 12
    Throwing Used Bandaids
    Ew, what is it about kids that make it okay for them to just randomly throw their used band aids. Nothing grosser then coming across one when you least expect it.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Reminding Me Too Late 8 of 12
    Reminding Me Too Late
    When my child tells me at 7 am that he needs money for this or that -- and he's known for over a week, catching me off guard, scrambling before I've had coffee is not smart.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Getting Sick Inconveinetnly 9 of 12
    Getting Sick Inconveinetnly
    I know, kids don't want to get sick, but sometimes I wonder why they have to get sick at the most inconvenient times!
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Needing to Go Now 10 of 12
    Needing to Go Now
    I just strapped the kid into their car seat after the 25 minutes it took for us to get ready. Telling me once we're all settled in and then they tell me they need to pee?! UGH.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Spilled Milk 11 of 12
    Spilled Milk
    I know we're not supposed to get angry at spilled milk (unless it's breast milk) but the milk-spillage always happens after reminding my child for the forth time to sit still and just drink their milk.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Getting Up Too Early 12 of 12
    Getting Up Too Early
    I love sleep, it may be like one of my favorite things ever. When my kids decide to get up at some crazy-early hour, not only will that make me angry in the moment, but watch out the rest of the day.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness

:: What is the quickest way to p*ss you off? ::

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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