22 Funny "Please Watch Your Children Or Else" Signs

funny signs about parents letting kids looseHave you seen the pictures of parents on phones ignoring their kids?

Quick, go look at them before you come back and finish this post. It’s worth it, I’ll wait.

Crazy eh? Been there, done that too, I’m guessing.

Those pictures are why signs like this one I saw at a Park Ranger Interpretive Centre last weekend are popping up everywhere.

The ‘watch your child or else’ signs are funny, but sad at the same time.

Scroll through this list of 21 ‘please watch your kids or else’ signs and judge for yourself.

We’re trying to raise considerate, responsible, walking kids. That said .. sometimes they wander, and pitch a fit.

It’s the price you pay when you don’t believe in leashing. Shopowners, it would appear, would prefer our kids tied up and heeled like trained dogs.

Good luck with that. Kids are kids, and most of us are trying our damndest to keep ’em in line but sometimes it’s like herding cats. Sorry.

Regardless, most of the signs are funny, others .. well .. let’s just say if I saw their sign I would gladly take my kids and my money elsewhere.

  • DIY Sign 1 of 21
    DIY Sign
    What would you put on a post it on the other side?

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Bart and Lisa 2 of 21
    Bart and Lisa
    If Homer comes here with the kids, he's going home alone - with donuts.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Gypsies 3 of 21
    If you're kids are named Hansel and Gretel, this might prove troubling.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Double Espressos and Santa 4 of 21
    Double Espressos and Santa
    Well at least they're not so cruel as to threaten to break the Santa secret.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Circus 5 of 21
    Some kids might not fight this one too much.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Sausage 6 of 21
    Okay, now we're starting to get a little rude.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • UFO 7 of 21
    A ride on a spaceship? This sign might encourage misbehavior.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Lost and Found 8 of 21
    Lost and Found
    Well, this one is actually helpful.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Slaves 9 of 21
    Knowing the history of the country, this is inappropriate. And if you read the first sign, you violate the second one.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Funny face 10 of 21
    Funny face
    Only people without kids think kids look like this.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Slaves 11 of 21
    Yeah, the slaves thing again. Not cool.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Souvenirs 12 of 21
    I wonder if they'll be in snow globes or turned into bumper stickers?

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Hooked 13 of 21
    Putting this one in the 'not funny' pile.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Towed 14 of 21
    Kids, they're just like cars.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Coffee Tables 15 of 21
    Coffee Tables
    See? The signs can be clever, cute, and considerate.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Bait 16 of 21
    Bear bait? Fish bait? Mom bait? Don't know how I feel about this one.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Dumpster Diving 17 of 21
    Dumpster Diving
    No sense of humor, this is out of line.

    Image Credit Catch Random
  • Goblin King 18 of 21
    Goblin King
    I think growing up with David Bowie would be kinda fun.

    Image Credit ImgAce
  • Crabby 19 of 21
    In a seafood shop, this makes sense.

    Image Credit Artfire
  • Cookbook 20 of 21
    Okay, saving the absolute worst for last. This cookbook is on top of a cage. Scroll to the next to see it...

    Image Credit Patheos
  • Cage 21 of 21
    Yeah. A Children Cookbook on top of a cage proclaiming to be a "Daycare Center". Guess where I'm never shopping?

    Image Credit Patheos

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