24 Cartoon Character Themed Foods For Kids

cartoon snacks for kidsYou know why Dora, SpiderMan and SpongeBob are everywhere when you do the groceries? Same reason Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were plastered on boxes when we were kids – cartoons on food items works.

Kids are easily swayed when making decisions by things that look fun. That’s why they’ll choose healthier Happy Meals if they come with a toy. They’ll also choose healthier snacks IF they have cartoons attached. A simple sticker on an apple was enough to make them grab that over cookies.

After the jump, a rundown of some oldies you may have snuck into the grocery cart, and new ones you’re trying to avoid for your kids.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies 1 of 24
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies
    Hostess pudding pies that were dyed green and had vanilla pudding oozing from the center. Cowabunga!

    Image Credit X Entertainment
  • Hi-C Ecto Cooler 2 of 24
    Hi-C Ecto Cooler
    Ghostbusters ectoplasm turned into a fruit punch. Miss the taste? The Nerdist has a DIY to recreate it for your kids.

    Image Credit Nerdist
  • Shrek Twinkies 3 of 24
    Shrek Twinkies
    Twinkies live forever, but if they did ever go rank, this is what they'd look like. Shrek Twinkies are your usual cake treat except with green swamp filling. How freaky do they look? The box had to actually announce the Twinkies wouldn't taste funky.

    Image Credit X Entertainment
  • Dora Ice Cream 4 of 24
    Dora Ice Cream
    Dora's face is a ubiquitous product placement for modern food merchants. From fruit chews, to ice cream flavors.

    Image Credit Strollerderby
  • Buzz Cola 5 of 24
    Buzz Cola
    For The Simpson's Movie, a deal was struck with 7-11 to turn them into Kwik-E-Mart's and stock some classic cartoon fare. With "twice the sugar, and twice the caffeine", Springfield's favorite soda, Buzz Cola, was on shelves.

    Image Credit Target
  • Barbie Princess Pop Tarts 6 of 24
    Barbie Princess Pop Tarts
    Your usual Pop Tarts with printed Barbie images to make your kids want them even more.

    Image Credit Strollerderby
  • SpongeBob Squarepants Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Snacks 7 of 24
    SpongeBob Squarepants Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Snacks
    These are not going to be good for anyone. Chocolate shaped characters filled with peanut butter in a bag boasting less than 80 calories!

    Image Credit Candy Blog
  • Cheesy Poofs 8 of 24
    Cheesy Poofs
    These South Park staples were briefly available about a decade ago, and last year WalMart announced plans to bring them back.

    Image Credit AdWeek
  • Pac Man Cereal 9 of 24
    Pac Man Cereal
    Pac Man fever was rampant in the 80s and the requisite cereal tie in happened. Marshmallow Pac Men danced in a corn pop box filled with marshmallow ghosts. "Tastewise," says X Entertainment, "it was mostly the same as every other cereal that came with marshmallow bits."

    Image Credit X Entertainment
  • TMNT Cereal 10 of 24
    TMNT Cereal
    X Entertainment does a great job calling out many of these products as straight marketing. To him the TMNT cereal was just "mixing Chex and character-shaped marshmallows."

    Image Credit
  • Fruit Chews 11 of 24
    Fruit Chews
    Tory Story, Scooby Doo, Spider-Man what have you. Cutting up freuit chews into character images is an easy thing to do, and they do it often.

    Image Credit Target
  • WWF Superstars 12 of 24
    WWF Superstars
    Described as "star-shaped oats with a "sweet touch of honey," I don't think this cereal was filled with the stuff that made the Ultimate Warrior that big. Still, in the 80s nothing was bigger in the world of sports entertainment than the WWF.

    Image Credit 11 Points
  • C3PO’s 13 of 24
    11 Points notes the makers didnt even try with this effort. "It's just a generic tasting mix -- "crunchy honey-sweetened oat, wheat and corn cereal." To make matters worse the C3PO's were actually 8s. Or double Os.

    Image Credit 11 Points
  • Smurf Cereal 14 of 24
    Smurf Cereal
    They went at it once when we were kids, and did it again when the movie came out last year. Papa Smurf was even trotted out as spokesmurf. Mr Breakfast notes the cereal is "blue and off-white sweetened rice pieces, similar in shape to pieces found in Post's Pebbles cereals."

    Image Credit
  • TMNT Pizza Crunchabungas 15 of 24
    TMNT Pizza Crunchabungas
    In the 90s Turtle power was everywhere and these corn puffed pizza flavoured snacks were no exception. "Crunchabungas were intended to look like pizza pies, but they looked far more like wheels, or pieces of Honeycomb cereal, or sand dollars," writes X Entertainment. "They pretty much looked like everything else on the planet more than they looked like pizza pies."

    Image Credit X Entertainment
  • Squishee 16 of 24
    For The Simpson's Movie, a deal was struck with 7-11 to turn them into Kwik-E-Mart's and stock some classic cartoon fare. The Slurpee was rebranded as Squishee for the event.

    Image Credit Simpsons Wiki
  • TMNT Ooze 17 of 24
    TMNT Ooze
    It's not Jello, it's OOOOoooze."When TMNT 2 was a big bullet, they renamed the stuff "Ooze," notes X Entertainment. They "slapped pictures of the live action Turtles on the boxes and made more money than you or I will ever see."

    Image Credit
  • Urkel-O’s 18 of 24
    I had no idea these existed until writing this piece. I never did get the Urkel thing, but hey.. it landed Jaleel White a gig on Dancing With The Stars. Urkel-O's "consisted of banana-flavored yellow loops and strawberry-flavored red loops," says 11 points. "The two most common words associated with its taste are "weird" and "artificial.""

    Image Credit 11 Points
  • Smurf Berry Crunch 19 of 24
    Smurf Berry Crunch
    Jack Black once appeared in a Smurf Berry Crunch television commercial. According to Black, ""My stock plummeted at school... Being in a Smurfberry Crunch cereal ad and being pulled along in a red wagon...?"

    Image Credit
  • Smurf Magic Berries 20 of 24
    Smurf Magic Berries
    How big were The Smurfs? Big enough for 3 spin-off cereals to become a very Smurfy part of a nutritious breakfast.

    Image Credit
  • Mr T 21 of 24
    Mr T
    Alphabits without the rest of the alphabet. This was a bowl of T's... Mister T's! "I pity tha fool that don't like the letter T!"

    Image Credit 11 Points
  • Krusty O’s 22 of 24
    Krusty O's
    For The Simpson's Movie, a deal was struck with 7-11 to turn them into Kwik-E-Mart's and stock some classic cartoon fare. Krusty O's, basically a straight knock off of Froot Loops, were part of the promotion.

    Image Credit Target
  • TMNT Mac and Cheese 23 of 24
    TMNT Mac and Cheese
    This was meant to be mac and cheese with each of the four turtles represented. Soggy mushy macaroni didn't hold the shape very well and X Entertainment notes it was hard to see if you were snacking on Leonardo or Donatello.

    Image Credit
  • Transformers Waffles 24 of 24
    Transformers Waffles
    Much like the Barbie Pop Tarts from earlier, this is just the usual product stamped with a logo.

    Image Credit

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