24 Free Fun Things To Do In The Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season.

There is a chill in the air, but the sun is still golden and cozy. I had a friend who would describe those cool enough for a turtleneck and warm enough for a late afternoon walk in the park as “boyfriend days.”

A late September, Early October day (in Canada anyway, your months of autumness may vary) is a very special time as the leaves light up the trees, and the seasons change.

It’s the best. Now, instead of “girlfriend days” celebrated with my wife, we’re taking to adventures with our kids in this most excellent season. Check out 24 Free (or almost free) Fun Things To Do In Fall after the jump:

  • Take Your Family Christmas Card Photo 1 of 24
    The fall light mixing with the bright colors of the season is a combination you can't beat. Find a warm, sunny afternoon and take pictures or hire a photographer for your family's christmas card.
    Image Credit: Carolyn Egerszegi Photography
  • Make Baked Apples 2 of 24
    Next to pumpkins, apples are the best part of fall. Whether you go pick them, make sauce, or eat them fresh, there are many ways to dress up this harvest. Check out this easy baked apple recipe from Babble's Family Kitchen.
    Image Credit: Brooke McClay
  • Make A Giving Thanks Tree 3 of 24
    Shannon had her kids make a resolution tree at the beginning of the year. It was a place for them to put things they wanted to accomplish in 2012. It worked, so now she's twisting it to become a giving thanks tree. Collect some fall branches, get some tags, and hang things you're thankful for on the branches.
    Image Credit Shannon Hilton
  • Have Breakfast In Bed 4 of 24
    With the sun rising a little later in the day, and the mornings being a little more crisp, why not take some time to linger between the sheets? It's a great time of year to surprise your snuggle bunny with a rich breakfast, like JulieVR's banana pancakes with caramelized bananas.
    Image Credit: JulieVR
  • Indoor Camping 5 of 24
    Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean you can't camp inside. Bring a little summer to the fall with a basement tent, and sleeping bags. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs over the barbecue or stove.
    Image Credit: Original Little Hellraiser
  • Watch The Geese Fly South 6 of 24
    It's just a sign of the season. You can hear them before you see them, and it's fun for the kids to scour the sky to see the birds in their flying vee and count the geese.
    Image Credit: MGifford
  • Make A Scarecrow 7 of 24
    As you dig through to bring out your fall decorations, involve the whole family and make your own scarecrow. The Queso has a method to make a scarecrow without any money or actual skill.
    Image Credit: The Queso
  • Take A Flashlight Walk Through Your Neighborhood 8 of 24
    The weather is brisk and crisp, the sun is setting a little earlier, but it's still nice enough to go for a walk after the sun goes down. Bundle up, bring a flashlight and see if you can spot raccoons, skunks, or other neighborhood animals that come out at night.
    Image Credit: Joe Logon
  • Make A Pumpkin Spice Latte 9 of 24
    While coffee shops are a cozy place to spend an autumn afternoon, there's nothing like your own favorite blanket, a book, and a fire on your own couch. Before you curl up, check out this easy Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe from JulieVR.
    Image Credit: JulieVR
  • Visit A Pumpkin Patch 10 of 24
    While this may not always be free, it's still a great thing to do with the kids. Many farms will put pumpkins in the field for you to pick, they'll have hayrides, pumpkin treats, and farm animals for the kids to play with.
    Image Credit: Buzz Bishop
  • Make Thanksgiving Cards 11 of 24
    Fall is the season of Thanksgiving. Instead of just giving thanks around the big family feast table, make some cards and hand them out to people you appreciate.
    Image Credit: Scrapbooks Etc.
  • Make Mitten Puppets 12 of 24
    While you're bringing out the coats, scarves, and boots for the colder weather, match up your mittens and collect the orphans. Playful Learning has some great ideas to turn those singletons into puppets.
    Image Credit: Playful Learning
  • Make Pumpkin Pie 13 of 24
    Pumpkin pie is perhaps the easiest thing you can make with your kids. A couple of ingredients, a stir, and bake. Here's a super easy kid friendly pumpkin pie recipe I make with my kids this time of year.
    Image Credit: DadCAMP
  • Fly A Kite 14 of 24
    Yes, it's cool and crisp in the fall. One of the reasons is the wind. Instead of scowling at it, run down to your park and fly a kite.
    Image Credit: LJ Haywood
  • Pick Pine Cones 15 of 24
    Having missions when you go for a walk with the kids helps them pass the time. Fall is a great time to collect pine cones to bring home for crafts. You can turn them into turkeys, wreaths, or just lay them out in bowls as a centerpiece.
    Image Credit: HLKLJGK
  • Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies 16 of 24
    With the weather starting to go sideways, staying inside and baking is a great way to spend a wet weekend morning. Chocolate chip cookies were a favorite treat my grandmother used to bake with us, and it's been passed down to our family too. Secret recipe, or I'd share 😉
  • Eat Corn On The Cob 17 of 24
    One of the best treats of the season. It's just an excuse to eat butter, and it's the best. Check out this cooking advice for your cobs.
    Image Credit: JulieVR
  • Go For A Long Drive 18 of 24
    Sunday drives were invented in autumn, I'm sure of it. Getting out of the city and discovering long country lanes dotted with farms, and big bright trees is one of my favorite ways to spend the season.
    Image Credit: Suzi Jane
  • Go Geocaching 19 of 24
    You can easily turn a hike into a treasure hunt by geocaching along the way. In the fall, all the leaves have fallen off the trees and some of the caches are easier to find.
    Image Credit: DadCAMP
  • Plan Your Winter Escape 20 of 24
    While fall may be my favorite, winter is the bottom of the list when it comes to seasons to celebrate. So, these first few weeks of fall we start to plan where we're going to escape when the cold sets in. Mexico, Hawaii, Phoenix, here we come!
    Image Credit: Buzz Bishop
  • Jump In A Pile Of Leaves 21 of 24
    It's one of the simple things in life that you forget about until you have kids.
    Image Credit: Buzz Bishop
  • Make Leaf Rubbings 22 of 24
    Skip to My Lou has a great how to for making all sorts of leaf prints for fall decorating. Make thanksgiving napkins, or just prints to hang.
    Image Credit: Skip To My Lou
  • Walk Through A Favorite Park 23 of 24
    You have a favorite park, but fall is a favorite time to just stop and linger at the changing colors just a little longer.
    Image Credit: Buzz Bishop
  • Collect For Your Food Bank 24 of 24
    Giving thanks is all about sharing what you have with others, and collecting for a local found bank and getting the neighbors to pitch in is a great way to earn some karma points.
    Image Credit: Alexandratx

If that’s not enough inspiration for the next 3 months, check out Mommyfriend’s list of 18 Things Every Kid Should Experience In Fall.

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