25 Inspiring New Year’s Affirmations, Reminders, and Quotes for Parents

If you really need a goal for 2014, make it to not sweat the small stuff. Make it to bring more joy to your life and to your family by focusing on the positive and not worrying.

At least, that’s the path I’m pursuing.

The book by my bedside is The Book Of Awesome. It is filled with tiny little things about life that are magical, and the book is there to remind me to not get bogged down in the day to day, to unplug, and to celebrate the gift of life.

I’m taking it a step further by filling my head with reminders and quotes for parents about what life with kids can and should be.

Here are 25 inspiring reminders about the joy of parenting, the small stuff that can be celebrated, and things to focus on for 2014. Save them, share them, bookmark them, pin them, remember them, enjoy them.

Happy New Year!

  • Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff 1 of 25

    Instead of breaking off a big chunk of a resolution, take smaller bites. Here's 25 nuggets of wisdom to snack on for the new year.

  • Goodall 2 of 25

    Have fun today. Go ahead. 

  • Heinlein 3 of 25

    What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Right? So enough of the bubble wrap and let's build strong kids.

  • Pausch 4 of 25

    Pierce an ear? Color their hair? Get a mohawk? Paint their room? Let them express themselves however they want and be thankful it's not a tattoo. If it is a tattoo battle you're facing, suggest they paint their room.

  • Dostoyevsky 5 of 25

    Ain't that the truth. Hit the power button on your phone. Turn it off. Unplug, and just be with your kids. 

  • Cosby 6 of 25

    We are the crazy ones, aren't we. Do you ever step outside yourself when you're "in the middle of it" and realize how crazy we are? Kids are kids. We can't predict them, we can't control them, we just have to go with the flow.

  • O’Rourke 7 of 25

    The day I stopped listening to advice was the day I finally understood how to be a parent.

  • De Vries 8 of 25

    I never grew up more than the year after my son was born.

  • Krause 9 of 25

    We are just the middle. 

  • Picoult 10 of 25

    Nobody else knows what they're doing either. It's okay to fake it - we all are.

  • Farooq 11 of 25

    This is perhaps my most favorite quote on the list. It is our job to leave the world a better place than we found it and when our kids fly higher than we did, we have done our job well.

  • Einstein 12 of 25

    It's not about science books, or making sure our kids are the book smartest. Even Einstein understood that we need to foster imagination, creativity, and a chance to dream.

  • Spock 13 of 25

    We can do this! Even on the toughest day, we can do this.

  • Atkins 14 of 25

    You can't get it right all of the time, so stop trying. Do your best, be yourself.

  • O’Mara 15 of 25

    Oh my, do I need to remember this one. I hear my dad's voice in my head all the time, and had never thought how my children would be hearing mine.

  • Diller 16 of 25

    Let kids be kids. We give them the understanding of how to get into the world, then we need to give them the freedom to explore.

  • Asner 17 of 25

    Make joy, not war.

  • Baker 18 of 25

    Our job is to just set the foundation and let them build their own life on top of it.

  • Groundwater 19 of 25

    Yes. Yes, it is.

  • Mead 20 of 25

    More free play this year. Less things with rules.

  • Frantz 21 of 25

    It can be hard when rustling daycare, schedules, and ferrying between activities to not get caught up in the hectic life of a family, but try to remember the finish line.

  • Glasow 22 of 25

    Modelling behavior is more powerful than anything you can ever say.

  • Lamott 23 of 25

    Unconditional love. You thought you got it when you met your spouse, you don't get it until you have a child.

  • Donovan 24 of 25

    Be one mother of a mother.

  • Anon 25 of 25

    I hope these thoughts, quotes, and reminders offer you encouragement for today and every day. Happy New Year!!

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