25 More Hilarious and Free E-Cards for Women

I’ve always subscribed to the idea that if you don’t laugh, you cry. Honey, in the land of marriage and motherhood, I do a lot of laughing.

Just this morning I peed to an empty toilet paper roll, found a pile of laundry beside the hamper, and broke up a wrestling match between my husband and kids. Did I freak out and go all mom-crazy? No ma’am. I took a deep breath and let out a little chuckle, but not before hiding the remote control. Mom-karma’s a bitch y’all. 

That’s where HaHas for HooHas comes in.

HaHas for HooHas is an e-card website that celebrates the modern woman. What’s even cooler, these free e-cards are created by women for women – not a bunch of scruffy old dudes pretending to have a uterus.

I cordially invite you to sit back, enjoy, and share these hilarious and free e-cards with your lady friends!

  • Don’t hate the playa, hate the game 1 of 25
    Don't hate the playa, hate the game
    You knew your kid was a picky eater, but this is ridiculous!
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  • An inconvenient truth 2 of 25
    An inconvenient truth
    Seriously Dads, what's up with that?
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  • You’ll thank me later 3 of 25
    You'll thank me later
    I do it all for you.
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  • Pretty colors 4 of 25
    Pretty colors
    Yeah, I do this.
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  • Words I never thought I’d say 5 of 25
    Words I never thought I'd say
    Who needs a trip to the craft store?
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  • Priorities people 6 of 25
    Priorities people
    Hey, being #4 on my list ain't too shabby.
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  • I can’t thank you enough 7 of 25
    I can't thank you enough
    I love that no matter how old I feel, you'll always be older.
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  • It’s a conspiracy 8 of 25
    It's a conspiracy
    Seriously, a break for who? I object.
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  • Mama’s armed 9 of 25
    Mama's armed
    Muscular symmetry is so overrated.
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  • It’s the little things 10 of 25
    It's the little things
    Oh, holy comfort!
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  • The ultimate white collar crime 11 of 25
    The ultimate white collar crime
    Never mess with the hungry chick.
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  • TMI 12 of 25
    Poopy pride!
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  • Grocery store blackout 13 of 25
    Grocery store blackout
    Oh, like it's never happened to you.
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  • Feeling pinadequate 14 of 25
    Feeling pinadequate
    It's like Martha Stewart exploded all over the Internets!
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  • Totes got your goat 15 of 25
    Totes got your goat
    Help your totes help the planet!
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  • Full of hot air 16 of 25
    Full of hot air
    Nothing says "hot and steamy" quite like a dutch oven.
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  • Cozy and inviting 17 of 25
    Cozy and inviting
    Let's cuddle.
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  • Jowl be there 18 of 25
    Jowl be there
    Repeat after me: "Pregnancy is beautiful. Pregnancy is beautiful."
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  • Make me skinny 19 of 25
    Make me skinny
    If we hang our clothes all over the treadmill, will we get skinny by osmosis?
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  • Pintervention 20 of 25
    The obvious question is why?
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  • Well, we never! 21 of 25
    Well, we never!
    We're too pretty to toot.
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  • Bleh 22 of 25
    Salty armpits at that.
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  • Scent of a woman 23 of 25
    Scent of a woman
    Ever heard the term, "Less is more"?
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  • Keepin’ it real 24 of 25
    Keepin' it real
    We've had pedicures last longer.
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  • Marriage has its perks 25 of 25
    Marriage has its perks
    Oh, and because I totally love you.
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For even more snort-worthy laughs, check out Hahas for HooHas website, store, Facebook, and Twitter

Oh, and be sure to check out Spread the Funny! 25 Hilarious and Free E-Cards for Women for even more of my favorite HaHas.

Which hilarious e-card is your favorite?

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