25 More Things Every Kid Should Experience

shutterstock_70079950I’m on a quest for my kids to experience absolutely everything childhood has to offer.

Ever since I took my kids to the snow for the first time about a month ago, I’ve become obsessed with getting to see that look of wonder and amazement in their eyes again. It’s addictive I tell ya!

I wrote a post a few weeks back, 25 Things Every Kid Should Experience and the reader response was ah-mazing. I shouldn’t be surprised, Babble readers are the best of the best.

I took your brilliant ideas, along with a few more of my own and developed an amazing list of 25 more things every kid should experience!

  • Going for ice cream 1 of 25
    Going for ice cream
    Whether it's a million degrees outside or your kids simply had a rough day, going for ice cream is guaranteed to bring a delicious smile to their faces.
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  • Having a best friend 2 of 25
    Having a best friend
    Perhaps one of the most enriching experiences we ever have is growing up with a best friend. As the basis of all future relationships, best friendships teach our kids the importance of loyalty and trust.
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  • A factory tour 3 of 25
    A factory tour
    A sneak peek behind the scenes on a factory tour will give your child a whole new appreciation for the items he uses every day.
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  • Hopscotch 4 of 25
    A little sidewalk chalk, a favorite marker, and presto! A perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon with friends.
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  • Riding a bike 5 of 25
    Riding a bike
    Pedals in motion, wind in their hair, and the power to go anywhere their little legs can take them. It's no wonder riding a bike is synonymous with sweet, sweet freedom.
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  • Jumping in a pile of leaves 6 of 25
    Jumping in a pile of leaves
    Sure, stomping on fall leaves is fun, but jumping in them is even better!
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  • Catching a frog 7 of 25
    Catching a frog
    Difficult, dirty, and totally awesome, catching a frog is something cool your kid can be proud of.
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  • Failing 8 of 25
    Often the greatest triumphs come from challenges. Whether your child needs to try harder, or simply ask for help, rising above a bad grade is a valuable learning experience.
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  • A road trip 9 of 25
    A road trip
    Crank those tunes, grab those road snacks, and take to the open road as a family! Road trips create memories to last a lifetime.
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  • Visiting a museum 10 of 25
    Visiting a museum
    Museums offer children the unique opportunity to bring history to life. Reading about history in a book is one thing, but seeing it with your own eyes is an entirely different experience.
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  • Cloud watching 11 of 25
    Cloud watching
    Allow your child's imagination run wild as she lies on the soft grass and gazes up toward the clouds. I see a turtle!
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  • Playing alone 12 of 25
    Playing alone
    Allowing children the time and space to entertain themselves encourages imagination and self-motivation.
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  • Staring into space 13 of 25
    Staring into space
    Whether your child is searching for an undiscovered planet or simply wishing on shooting stars, staring off into space is great fun.
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  • Building a fort 14 of 25
    Building a fort
    Gather up all the blankets and bed sheets you can find! The meticulous planning and creativity involved in constructing the perfect fort is well worth the amazing end result!
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  • Volunteering 15 of 25
    Volunteering teaches our children that with a determination and teamwork we can make a positive difference.
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  • Getting picked last 16 of 25
    Getting picked last
    You bet it hurts to get picked last on a team, but humbling experiences such as these build character.
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  • Fighting with a best friend 17 of 25
    Fighting with a best friend
    As hard as fighting with a bestie is, these fights teach important lessons involving accountability, compromise, and forgiveness.
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  • Climbing a tree 18 of 25
    Climbing a tree
    The danger! The adventure! The wondering how the heck you're going to get down!
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  • Playing an instrument 19 of 25
    Playing an instrument
    Music matters. In fact, music is correlated with higher academic performance so introduce music whenever and however you can.
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  • Playing in the rain 20 of 25
    Playing in the rain
    Kids never seem to mind getting cold and wet in the name of a splashy good time!
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  • Having a crush 21 of 25
    Having a crush
    Aww, he "like-likes" her! Schoolboy/girl crushes are the stuff mushy love poems are made of.
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  • Attending a funeral 22 of 25
    Attending a funeral
    As hard as loss can be for a child to understand, their age appropriate exposure to death as a part of life is necessary.
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  • Learning from dad 23 of 25
    Learning from dad
    I previously mentioned boys should be learning how to fix things from dad. As many of you pointed out, dad needs to be teaching his daughter to fix things too! I couldn't agree more.
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  • Catching fireflies 24 of 25
    Catching fireflies
    There's something magical about racing around the backyard on a warm summer night catching fireflies; a beautiful childhood experience indeed.
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  • Going on a family picnic 25 of 25
    Going on a family picnic
    Grab a blanket, pack some sandwiches, and gather up your very favorite people for a day of togetherness outdoors.
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What else should every child experience?

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