While They Were Sleeping (25 Sweet & Funny Photos of Kids Sleeping)

Little mouths agape, lashes still as the midnight sky, and a blanket of peace comforting our home is perhaps the closest thing to heaven there is. Kids sleeping is such a sweet (and sometimes funny) thing to behold, isn’t it? I especially love to peek in their rooms at night, after the bedtime excuses have died, and see that their little bodies have finally given in for the day. I love to soak in how cute they are. Somehow, it helps me forget about anything naughty they may have done. It’s definitely one of my parenting paybacks.

When kids fall asleep, especially in a peculiar position or place, what’s the first thing we do as parents? Grab the camera! Snap that shot that we’ll treasure or laugh at forever.

I compiled some of my favorite photos of my kids sleeping and included some photos of others’ kids too. They are just too sweet and funny!

Click through to see if your child has ever fallen asleep in any of these  25 positions…

  • So Sweet 1 of 25
    So Sweet
    Pink blankets, tired eyes and a hard day playing equals some serious z's. How can you not love a face like that after a long day?
  • Shopped Out 2 of 25
    Shopped Out
    After a long day of shopping, the kids let mom take a load off while finishing their nap in the garage.
  • Crime Scene? 3 of 25
    Crime Scene?
    It was Daddy's turn to put the kids to bed. Mom walked in the door and had to check to see if they were still breathing. Daddy forgot about the "bed" part. Looks like they were having too much fun!
  • This Show is Boring 4 of 25
    This Show is Boring
    That position can't be too comfy, and I don't foresee it lasting too long. He sure does look peaceful though!
  • Sleeping in the Closet 5 of 25
    Sleeping in the Closet
    Anybody seen our daughter? Oh! She's asleep in the closet! Kids find some of the funniest places to sleep sometimes.
  • And…He’s Out! 6 of 25
    And...He's Out!
    It doesn't take long for them to decide they're tired. One minute they're awake, the next...they're gone.
  • Who’s Happier? 7 of 25
    Who's Happier?
    This is Daddy's favorite moment. Daughter looks pretty happy too. I'd say she fits like a glove.
  • Not Hungry Anymore 8 of 25
    Not Hungry Anymore
    If I had a dollar for every time my kids fell asleep while eating, I'd be a very rich woman!
  • Forget the Couch… 9 of 25
    Forget the Couch...
    I need a nice, hard, cold table to sleep on! They are just so much more appealing than the couch that is 3 feet away. Ha!
  • Mommy’s Arms 10 of 25
    Mommy's Arms
    Heaven for a child could probably be described by this photo. No words needed. Kids love to be safely sleeping in mommy's arms, don't they?
  • Sleepover 11 of 25
    Forget separate beds or rooms for that matter, these kids love each other and don't want to be separated! So cute!
  • Can’t Go Anymore 12 of 25
    Can't Go Anymore
    There's too many stairs! He can't go anymore. Must take a rest first. I love this photo. Kids are so funny!
  • Blankets 13 of 25
    My son loves his blankets. It's pretty much guaranteed he will fall asleep if he lets them perform their magic on him.
  • Dreaming 14 of 25
    This sweet boy has drifted off to a peaceful dreamland. Now mommy has a few minutes to get some things done...
  • Finally 15 of 25
    The car can be such a great aid sometimes when we need to help our kids get some much needed rest.
  • So Comfy 16 of 25
    So Comfy
    Ha! How do they sleep in some of these positions? My neck hurts just looking at this one.
  • Just a Little Rest, Please? 17 of 25
    Just a Little Rest, Please?
    "I'm so tired, can I have just a little rest, please?" When will a mom ever object to a plea like that?
  • Siblings 18 of 25
    Here is some more classic, sibling love. Big brother and little sister together is a giant parenting payback.
  • Head Rush? 19 of 25
    Head Rush?
    Do kids get headaches? I know I wouldn't last very long in this position. Now that is tired!
  • Hanging Out 20 of 25
    Hanging Out
    "Mom, you go ahead and do your thing, I'm just going to hang out here on the floor for a bit!"
  • Sisters 21 of 25
    This is a tender moment for parents. They may fight all day long, but it's only because they love each other and they don't want to be without each other...even while sleeping.
  • Even Spidey Needs a Rest 22 of 25
    Even Spidey Needs a Rest
    He's been rescuing people from the bad guys all night and now this superhero needs a rest to get pumped back up!
  • Angel 23 of 25
    This little girl needs to be wearing a halo. She looks like a little angel when she sleeps.
  • No More! 24 of 25
    No More!
    "I'm all played out mommy! The floor is just so comfy and I'm just so tired!"
  • Save Me! 25 of 25
    Save Me!
    Little sister doesn't want to go to her crib, she knows big sister will save her. How can mommy object to such a sight?


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