25 Ideas for Your Family Resolution to Have Adventures in 2014

Don’t worry if you’re reading about this on January 10, or 20, or in Februrary.  It doesn’t matter when we make resolutions, we just need to make them.

While many will focus on personal habits for the new year, why not try and make a family resolution to have more adventures.

Sit down with your kids at the next family meal and discuss what kind of adventures you want to have this year. These can be near adventures, far adventures, vacations, visits around your home, or just random exploring.

Call it a bucket list, a to-do list, a weekend warrior calendar, or just something that says ‘we’re going to do things differently this year and we’re going to do it together.’ Pull out the “things to do before you die” books, Google up secret places near your home, go and do some digging to find the different and unique.

Need some inspiration? Check out the Meek family from the UK, their family blog, Do Try This At Home, is all about balancing screen time with green time.

I love being a Not At Home Dad. When it comes to spending time with my kids, I do not want to do it at home. So what kind of adventures will you go on this year with your kids?  Here are some ideas that we’ve conquered, as well as our plans for new ones from the Do Try This At Home list.

  • Let’s Do This! 1 of 26

    2014 can be all about a world of adventures for the entire family. You don't need to worry about weight or finances or whatever you normally worry about. Just make a family pact to have more adventures. Here's a list of 25 to get you started.

  • Ride A Horse 2 of 26

    We live in Calgary, Alberta the home of the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth. Cowboy lifestyle is a part of the heritage here. My wife is afraid of horses, I love them and I think this is the year the boys stop riding saddles at the store and we put them on a real horse!

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Learn To Skateboard 3 of 26

    There's a skate park near our rec centre. Zacharie goes to the fence and stares at "the big kids" often. His 7th birthday this spring might just bring a skateboard - and lessons to go with it.

    Image via JC Winkler on Flickr

  • Go (Real) Mountain Biking 4 of 26

    Late in the season last year, we took Zacharie's new bike out for a ride on the trails or "real mountain biking" as he called it. This year I've asked for a bike rack for my birthday with the hopes we can get out to those Rocky Mountain trails for more riding.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Cook On A Beach 5 of 26

    We've cooked over campfires at a proper campsite with cookout stoves, but there's something to be said when you really get au natural and just pop up and start supper where it's not "meant" to be made. We've added this inspiration from the Do Try This At Home list for 2014.

    Image via Podknox on Flickr

  • Ice Fishing 6 of 26

    You'll notice fishing appears a lot on this list, it's one of my boys' favorite activities. The problem is - I'm terrible at it! So why not make things even more difficult by going ice fishing?!  I'm thinking of hooking up with another angling family to hopefully learn a few tricks to make this happen.

    image via FSNorthernRegion on Flickr

  • Ride A Big Coaster 7 of 26

    This picture was taken when my son was 2. Is it any wonder he's not a fan of roller coasters? This year he's finally tall enough to ride the "big kid coaster" at our local amusement park. He says he wants to ride it - we'll see. Lol.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Snowshoe 8 of 26

    Snowshoeing is such a great way to get out and hike in the winter. Finding rentals is easy (and cheap), and the shoes these days are much more light and nimble than when we went on field trips as a kid. We're a hiking family, so to go snowshoeing, just pick your favorite summer trail and pack along the big shoes.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Ride/Run In A Race 9 of 26

    This year the boys did their first race - a bike race. It was a non-competitive race through the downtown streets before the adults ran a criterium. The idea is to find more of these fun run type things for them to do when Mommy and Daddy head out for 5k and 10k running events.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Pick Berries In The Country 10 of 26

    This is one of my favorite summer daytrips. Pack up, drive for an hour or so, and load up a bucket with the best berries of the season. A drive through the country is always fun, picking the berries and running in the fields is great for the kids, and then there is the baking after. #omnomnom

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Go On A (Very) Long Hike 11 of 26

    This past summer, my 6-year-old did an 8-mile hike. It was incredible, and one of the best days I've ever had with him. I loved it. Think we can duplicate it or maybe even stretch it out to 10 miles this summer? We'll try.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Climb A(nother) Mountain 12 of 26

    This is the year my son will summit a peak in the Rocky Mountains. This impressive shot was just the end of a short trail in Waterton Lakes National Park, but this year he has his sights set on climbing "Lost Everest."

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Eat A Fish You Caught 13 of 26

    This has been a bet my son and I have had for 2 summers now. After catching a bunch of fish a few years ago in Montana, we've been shut out two years in a row. The deal is that whomever catches a fish wins, and the loser has to eat it. Is this the year?

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  • Go Fishing 14 of 26

    I just want to get better at fishing. I'm not very good at the tackle tying, and my boys LOVE the sport. This year I've promised we'll do more of it, and I'll get better at it.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Look At The Stars 15 of 26

    You NEED to find your local astronomy club. Just put some keywords into Google and find out when they will gather in a park on the edge of town and set up telescopes for people to use for free. They all do it. This night we saw Venus and the craters of the moon. It was fantastic. You want to see a kid's imagination run wild? Show them a planet. Do this. Just do this.

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  • Go Geocaching 16 of 26

    If you have kids you can't get off the couch, promise to take them on a treasure hunt. Geocaching is a great way to go for a hike under the guise of a treasure hunt. Spring, summer, winter, fall, it doesn't matter. Make a pact to get out and find some cool stuff while exploring your community.

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  • Swim In A Mountain Stream 17 of 26

    How many times have you driven past a crystal clear, unspoiled river on the side of the road? This year make a promise to stop, strip off your socks, and get wet in a mountain stream.

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  • Go Skiing 18 of 26

    Last year, Zacharie went with his class. This year he wants to snowboard. Woah, slow down there son. We have his first lesson booked January 20.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Find A (Frozen) Waterfall 19 of 26

    Hikes are good when there's a reward at the end. We like the ones that go to waterfalls. Don't be afraid to do them in the winter too, frozen waterfalls are absolutely spectacular.

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  • Go Rock Climbing "For Real" 20 of 26

    My son has loved the rock wall at our local rec centre this winter. He's asked to go out and go rock climbing "for real" this year. The plan is to make it happen.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Eat Food You Grew Yourself 21 of 26

    This is a great family effort you can start in the spring. Sprout the seeds, plant them, harvest them. Got a picky eater? They'll be proud to eat a carrot or cucumber they nursed themselves.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Find Wild Animals 22 of 26

    We've seen a lot of bears, caribou, goats, and sheep on our adventures, but no beavers. Zacharie wants to find a beaver in 2014.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Canoe On A Lake 23 of 26

    Canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding. Whatever it is that gets you on the water, it's more fun when you're supplying the power. We're getting out on the water more this year.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Become A Park Ranger 24 of 26

    When you visit a State/Provincial/National Park, they often have Junior Ranger programs where the kids can do some activities to learn about the region and then become "deputized." This is always part of our routine when we go to a new site, and the plan is to get a lot more badges this year.

    Image via DadCAMP

  • Learn To Skip Rocks 25 of 26

    "Daddy, let's go throw rocks!" is an often request when I ask the boys what they want to do on a Saturday morning. The idea is simple - drive to the river and then throw rocks to make a big splash. Then, Daddy tosses one sideways and it skips across the river and they stop dead. They will continue to learn how to skip stones this year, until they get bored and go back to throwing rocks.

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  • Have A Sleepover 26 of 26

    The boys have had "daddy sleepovers" in the backyard, or in a tent on the floor of their room, but a friend has yet to spend the night with either of our sons. They have both requested a "sleepover adventure" for 2014, so let's add that to the list! Happy 2014!

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