3 Kids, 1 Bedroom: It Can Be Done! (Part Three)

I saved the best for last in my 3 Kids, 1 Bedroom Series!  Read part one here. And two here. Today, I’ll show you a video of how interior designer Nate Berkus fits three kids into one tiny bedroom. Also, I made a slide show with more ideas of how to fit three kids into a room. Some of the pictures are totally doable, others are just for inspiration. I couldn’t help myself!

I loved hearing about this mom’s story on the Nate Berkus Show. She is living in NYC in a two bedroom apartment with her husband and three kids. Ideally, they would move, but since her husband has been out of work, they are trying to make their current living situation work. Their three kids are ages 7-12 years old and share an 8 by 11 square foot room. See how Nate Berkus makes the most out of this space here. What do you think? Would you give this a try?

If that isn’t enough inspiration for you, here’s some beautiful solutions I found that squeeze in 3, 4, and even 5 kids in one room!

  • Modern Lines Triple Bunk Bed 1 of 9
    This is an example of a simple bunk bed done really well. It's not fussy or overdone. They nailed it on the color! I love gray for a kids room.
    Find out more about this bunk bed at Archi Expo
  • Bunk Bed with Trundle 2 of 9
    This is the system I use in my house. It works out great! You know what's weird? None of my kids like to sleep on the top bunk! I thought that was the best spot!
    Buy this bunk bed at Land of Nod
  • Custom Triple Bunk Bed 3 of 9
    I love that each bed feels so cozy, like they are in their own cocoon. I want one!
    Photographed by Hallie Burton at Imnop
  • Bunk Beds Back to Back 4 of 9
    Do you have four kids? Smash them all into one room!
    Buy these bunk beds at Pottery Barn
  • Hanging Beds 5 of 9
    This room made the blog rounds last January. I still adore it!
    Found at Ohdeedoh
  • Simple Triple Bunk Bed 6 of 9
    If I lived in Georgia, I would totally hire The Super Handyman to make this bed for my kids. It's perfect!
    Hire Jason B. at The Super Handyman
  • Quintuple Nesting Bunks! 7 of 9
    These beds were installed in an AIDS orphanage in Wellington, South Africa. So innovative.
    Found at Tree Hugger
  • Narrow Bunk Beds 8 of 9
    I love these beds! So industrial and streamlined. I would love to recreate this look at my house.
    Found at Wikipedia
  • Fantasy Built in Bunkbeds 9 of 9
    Wow. Now that's a lot of bunk bed! I'm impressed and scared at the same time!
    I found this massive bunk bed at Susan Peterson's Built-in Bunk Bed slideshow over at The New Home Ec.

Hope you enjoyed my series on squeezing three kids into one room. It’s not such a terrible problem after all!


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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