3 Ways to Make the Perfect S'More

got smoresThe problem with s’mores is that while the marshmallow is really gooey and good when you toast it, the chocolate never really melts that well when you try to squish it between the graham wafers.

If you’re like me, you end up trying to squish too hard, and the cookie crumbles while everything falls onto the forest floor.

Last week, at The Calgary Stampede, the midway highlight was Deep Fried Wagon Wheels. Wow, that’s what a s’more is supposed to taste like. Melted chocolate, toasty graham, soft warm marshmallow — dipped in batter.


So during my uncamping adventure with my son, I was on a mission to create that at the campfire. After a few attempts, we finally figured it out.

To make the perfect s’more, you need to get the chocolate melted. One idea is to pop a piece of chocolate and graham in your mouth before you toss in the golden mallow. Yknow, use your mouth as a blender to melt it all together.

That works, but you end up with chipmunk cheeks stuffing it all in.

Another way to make it magical is to use a chocolate spread instead of a piece of Hershey’s. Spread a little Nutella on the graham crackers before you squish in the marshmallow and it will be magical.

But the best way to make the perfect s’more is to stuff a bit of chocolate inside the marshmallow right off the stick. Once you pull it off the twig, there’s a hole in the bottom.. get some chocolate in there as quickly as you can and it will melt as you get all between the crackers.

O. M. G.

It’s better than the lingering smell of campfire when you unpack your clothes after a weekend in the woods.

Are s’mores a mandatory part of your outdoor adventures this summer? What’s your perfect s’more making tip?

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