30 Things Kids Should Do Before They Grow Up

If your kids are anything like mine they’re in a big fat hurry to grow up.

Slow down there, kiddos! I’ve made it to the adult finish line and I can tell you that ya ain’t missing much. Speaking of missing, if there’s one thing I miss most about childhood, it’s magic.

I remember when I was a kid, magic and wonder used to creep into my every day. Somehow along the way to adulthood I lost it…well, most of it. Discovering boys was pretty magical…

The point is, I didn’t have the opportunity to rediscover lost magic until I had children of my own. And so I say this to my kids and my fellow parents, let’s slow things down a little and enjoy what fleeting time we have left in the land of childhood!

Check out 30 things kids should do before they grow up, because we all only get one shot at magic!

  • Face fears in the name of fun 1 of 30
    Face fears in the name of fun
    Childhood is a time of so many new experiences, many of which can be a little scary. Encourage your kids to face their fears in the name of fun! Soon there will be no stopping them!
  • Wear a cape 2 of 30
    Wear a cape
    Before life teaches us to doubt ourselves and we accept those pesky self-imposed limitations, we once believed we had super powers. Encourage your kid to exercise those superhero abilities your child is destined for great things!
  • Snuggle in Mom and Dad’s bed 3 of 30
    Snuggle in Mom and Dad's bed
    Enjoy kid cuddles in your bed before your kids get too old. A few kicks to the ribs are a small price to pay for cozy family time.
  • Wear as many stickers as possible 4 of 30
    Wear as many stickers as possible
    Stickers are rad, and let's face it, as an adult we don't nearly get enough opportunities to wear them.
  • Build something to be proud of 5 of 30
    Build something to be proud of
    Kids are natural creators. Encourage your children to build, create, and unlock the hidden talents that will serve them well into adulthood.
  • Climb a tree 6 of 30
    Climb a tree
    Consider climbing a tree a childhood rite of passage (because no adult would climb one unless they absolutely had to). Encourage your kids to climb a tree and enjoy the view - under your watchful eye, of course.
  • Swing until they can fly 7 of 30
    Swing until they can fly
    You know the feeling of swinging as high as your legs can take you? That feeling that you just might, for a brief moment, actually take flight? Every kid deserves to know that feeling of invincibility.
  • Bake cookies for Santa 8 of 30
    Bake cookies for Santa
    Soak up as much Santa magic as you can before your kids stop believing. Use any and every excuse to savor the holiday spirit!
  • Wear what makes them happy 9 of 30
    Wear what makes them happy
    Thankfully the Fashion Police give kids a free pass. Encourage your kids to express their creativity through their wardrobe!
  • Have fun with cardboard 10 of 30
    Have fun with cardboard
    Because really, nothing is more fun than a large cardboard box! Let your kid's imagination soar!
  • Grow something 11 of 30
    Grow something
    Nature is wondrous. Allow your children the opportunity to witness Mother Nature work her magic.
  • Hunt for seashells 12 of 30
    Hunt for seashells
    What kind of treasures does the ocean hold? There's only one way to find out! Go on a hunt for the most beautiful and interesting seashells you can find and save them as mementos of your time together.
  • Visit Disneyland 13 of 30
    Visit Disneyland
    There's nothing quite like a child's first Disney park adventure to remind them to believe in magic.
  • Wear a costume just because 14 of 30
    Wear a costume just because
    Only a kid can wear a costume just because, so why not? Besides, creativity and imagination are the very best playmates.
  • Go on a family road trip 15 of 30
    Go on a family road trip
    There's no telling what can happen on a road trip. From Dad farting with the windows rolled up, to heated games of I-Spy and count the hubcaps, family road trips create lasting childhood memories.
  • Collect random things 16 of 30
    Collect random things
    Pet rocks? Seashells? Pretty leaves? No matter what random items your child collects, chances are they are collected with pride.
  • Sneak treats 17 of 30
    Sneak treats
    Remember the thrill of sneaking into the pantry when your parents weren't looking for a cookie? Yeah, that.
  • Trick-or-treat 18 of 30
    Because you can't trick-or-treat forever, send your kids to collect candy booty while they still can!
  • Fall asleep while eating 19 of 30
    Fall asleep while eating
    Play hard, sleep hard. It's cute when kids do it and just plain sad when adults do.
  • Slip ‘N Slide 20 of 30
    Slip 'N Slide
    Kids, now's the time! Celebrate the quintessential childhood summer experience that is the Slip ‘N Slide before you're too old and brittle to worry about breaking something.
  • Play outside 21 of 30
    Play outside
    Give your kid the opportunity to play outside with their hero (Psst! That's you)!
  • Believe in holiday magic 22 of 30
    Believe in holiday magic
    They won't believe in Santa forever so cherish the magic and wonder while you still can!
  • Track Santa online 23 of 30
    Track Santa online
    Sweet anticipation! Because there's nothing quite like the agony of waiting for Christmas morning as a kid.
  • Eat your weight in ice cream 24 of 30
    Eat your weight in ice cream
    Ice cream is just a big bowl of kid heaven - enjoy it!
  • Walk to school 25 of 30
    Walk to school
    Absorbing the sights and sounds of your child's neighborhood gives them a sense of pride and belonging.
  • Play in the snow 26 of 30
    Play in the snow
    Snow angels, snowball fights, and building snowmen are just a few of perfect kid-inspired activities for your child to enjoy in the snow.
  • Ride a carousel 27 of 30
    Ride a carousel
    There's just something perfectly magical about riding a beautiful horse on a carousel. Whether prince or princess, the experience will leave your kid believing in fairy tales.
  • Care for a pet 28 of 30
    Care for a pet
    Caring for a pet teaches children the power of unconditional love and the pride of responsibility.
  • Collect bugs 29 of 30
    Collect bugs
    Kids love the thrill of the bug hunt, complete with the joy of grossing out Mom.
  • Hunt for Easter eggs 30 of 30
    Hunt for Easter eggs
    Finding eggs filled with goodies is quite probably one of the greatest joys of childhood!

What else should kids do before they grow up?

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