26 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall

Summer is over, people. We are back to the routine and fall is upon us.

To be honest, I’m not saddened by this seasonal change, this is my favorite time of year. Absolutely.

On the heels of two moths of vacationing, this really feels like when New Year’s should be celebrated. I make resolutions each September, and despite the fact that leaves are dead and falling from the trees, it feels like a season of renewal and fresh starts.

Fall is the best season. Hands down.

Spring is fine, there are fresh flowers and buds on the trees, but it’s still too wet and messy from a long winter. Winter’s snow and cold lasts just too long. Summer is fun to kick back and relax and escape, but Fall has the best of summer, with a little bit of spring, and winter tossed in. There are beautiful colors in the trees, the sun still shines, there’s a brisk bite in the air signalling a change, but there’s none of the dark mess that comes with winter.

Those crisp, clear days where you can still sit out on a patio with a fantastic turtleneck or scarf on are magical. There’s a reason the fall issue of Vogue is the biggest on the calendar – when it comes to fashion, fall is the best.

Don’t believe me? Click through these 26 reasons to fall in love with fall.

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    26 Reasons To Fall In Love With Fall

    To Fall in Love with Fall

  • Boyfriend Days 2 of 25

    Years ago, my friend Jana called them "boyfriend days." Perhaps now they're "husband days." It's just that kind of day where you want to stick your hands in someone else's pockets, cozy around a coffee and go for a walk. That romantic kind of feeling you get snuggled into a scarf and spending a relaxing day with someone you're in love with.

    Image via hojusaram

  • Hand-knit sweaters 3 of 25

    In the fall, the sun is shining bright, but the air is cool and you still need to snuggle into a sweater. There's nothing better than poking your kid's arms through the sleeves of a sweater hand-knit by his great grandmother.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Corn mazes 4 of 25

    Getting lost running through the tall stalks, yelling at friends to see if they've found the way out. Living in a big city means the country is a magical place where time seems to stand still. Despite all the tablet technology my kids play with, a corn maze is proof that nature can do some wonderful things to stump them too.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Football 5 of 25

    From tailgates to the opening kickoff, football = fall. The crowds, the cheering, the rivalries, the winning, the losing. With the high school on Friday, college on Saturday, or the big guys on Sunday, the football stadium is a great gathering place for community spirit.

    Image via Christopher Aloi

  • Crunching leaves at the park 6 of 25

    If Sunday afternoons are made for football, Saturday afternoons are made for running in the park with your kids. Piling up the leaves and diving in, or just running around crunching on the paths, it will always bring a smile.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Grown-Up Movies 7 of 25

    Animated, superhero, action, popcorn movies are fun for the summer, but fall means "grown-up movies." The Toronto International Film Festival signals the unofficial start of Oscar season as the best quality movies of the year all debut through fall. Rush, Gravity, and The Wolf of Wall Street are just some to watch for this year.

    Image via Dave Dugdale

  • Drive in the Country 8 of 25

    A long drive in the country is what autumn weekends are all about. From the leaves, to the farms, to the cute coffee shops, to just discovering new places near your home, leaving the map at home and just going for a drive is the best.

    Image via Forest Wander

  • Pumpkin Beer 9 of 25

    While the fruity seasonal beers of summer are fun, the spiciness that comes with fall beers is a welcomed change. Pumpkin brews are easily one of the best reasons to celebrate the arrival of autumn.

    Image via Henry Burrows

  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes 10 of 25

    Some may relish the arrival of the red cups on November 1, but our highlight happens 2 months earlier when the pumpkin spice latte arrives at the coffee shop. Spicy, sweet, thick, rich, it welcomes the new season wonderfully.

    Image via Anne Beaumont

  • Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin 11 of 25

    You could take a page out of Bubba Gump to appreciate all the ways we love pumpkin in autumn. Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin M&Ms, whatever. Pumpkin itself may be pretty bland, but it is the perfect vehicle for cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg and we're okay with that. The best of them all, however, is making pumpkin pie with kids. It's such a simple and easy way to get them in the kitchen.

    Image via Mark Fowler

  • Family Photos 12 of 25

    Fall is family photo season. Whether you pay a professional photographer to come and take the portrait that will pop up on your Christmas card, or you just run to a park and take some yourself, the colors and angle of the light are the best in the autumn.

    Image via Shannon Hilton

  • Soup 13 of 25

    Fall is the perfect bridge season. You can have a wonderful salad, or you can cozy into something a little more hearty. Soup is wonderful this time of year. It warms you up and hits the spot. Check out these 10 fall soup recipes to get you right into the mood.

    Image via Babble

  • September Vogue 14 of 25

    The September issue of Vogue is affectionately known as "the Bible" in Fashionista circles. The 2013 issue's 900+ pages weigh in at a stunning 3.76 pounds. Take that, King James.

    Image via Marina Burity

  • Back to baking 15 of 25

    With the heat of the summer gone, you can get back into the kitchen with the kids and turn the oven on again. Baking with kids is the best. They marvel at cracked eggs, they love stirring, licking the spoon, and feel pride in making something sweet and delicious. Even the mess is easy to take when you bake with kids.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • Thanksgiving 16 of 25

    Family, friends, feasting is what fall is all about. You can have Christmas with the presents, I'll take Thanksgiving.

    Image via Cedar Summit Farm

  • Apples and Cinnamon 17 of 25

    There are so many colors, flavors, and smells that go with autumn. Close your eyes and inhale apples and cinnamon and you are immediately transported to a brisk forest with crunchy leaves underfoot. Check out these 25 classic apple and cinnamon recipes.

    Image via Babble

  • Boots 18 of 25

    Long boots, short boots, rainboots, stylish boots, it doesn't matter. Boots are back in the fall, which means you don't need to stress about having a perfect pedicure and you can get a long legged look.

    Image via Nigel Wade

  • Pumpkin Patches 19 of 25

    It's muddy but it's worth it. A walk through a farmer's field to find the perfect pumpkin for Hallowe'en isn't just for families and kids, but is fun for everyone.

    Image via Buzz Bishop

  • New TV Season 20 of 25

    Back from the summer doldrums of Big Brother scheming, game shows, and reruns, fall brings us a new season of tv to cozy on the couch. Best thing to look forward to this fall? Season 3 of Homeland.

    Image via David Prasad

  • Harvest 21 of 25

    Harvest is a sign of success. We planted, we cared, and now we get to reap the rewards of our hard work. I love visiting farmer's markets, harvest festivals, and stocking up on squash.

    Image via Lenora Enking

  • Turtlenecks and Scarves 22 of 25

    You don't need to fully bundle up against the changing season in fall. No need for big coats, mittens, and furry hats. All you need is a turtleneck and scarf to feel cozy against the subtle damp chill.

    Image via Bandita

  • Sports! 23 of 25

    Fall is the absolute best time to be a sports fan. Football is back. Hockey and basketball are starting up. Baseball, NASCAR, and golf are into the playoffs. I get this one is a love/hate situation, but frankly I love it!

    Image via Lyndi and Jason

  • New Season of the Arts 24 of 25

    Fall is also when the ballet, symphony, and theater seasons start anew. So many reasons to go out on the town and enjoy something that will make you think. Even if you're not a high art aficionado, perusing the new season's program will surely spark one or two things to get you out and doing something different.

    Image via Henry Burrows

  • Keep Calm 25 of 25

    Have you got it now? Fall is the best season of the year. It is romantic, it is festive, it is fashionable, it's feasts. The weather is wonderful, people are starting new adventures and happiness is everywhere. It's the best of summer and spring with a dash of winter. In our books, fall comes first.

    Image via Keep Calm O Matic

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