5 Fun Family Games to Rescue You From Candy Land

I’ve been around the Candy Land block more times than I can count.

I’ve spent more than enough time on Chutes and Ladders as well.

And I can’t take it anymore.

Every mom has her breaking point and I have finally reached mine.

As much as I love playing games with my kids, my mind goes a bit numb from those two classic games and I’m thinking my best plan is to stock our game closet with some fresh choices and hide those old two standby games.

Because I can’t hang out at Gum Drop Mountain even one more time.

I’ve done some homework and I’ve narrowed my list of must-have games to five. Please share your favorites in the comments so I’ll know what to add to our collection next!

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    Blokus offers a great introduction to strategic game play for the youngest of players. I'm told that people of all ages love this fun game and it's perfect for bridging generations.
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    Over 2 million Cadoo games have sold to date, so I'm thinking that many people can't be wrong. I love that this award-winning game encourages kids to think in creative new ways.
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    Mancala is one of those games that most of us remember from childhood. The fact that it's still around and kids still love it means it's worth adding to our growing collection.
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    Zingo looks like a perfect game for my 4 year old. Any game that can teach shape and pattern recognition, encourage keen observation, and foster short-term memory is a hit in my book.
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    Everything that I've read about Bananagrams makes me want to run out and buy it. Similar to Scrabble, but faster paced and with more freedom, this game seems great for kids and adults alike.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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