5 Great Planners for Moms

My goal for 2013 is to try and get calendars and task lists on my iPhone and iPad synched and working. In the mean time, I just love actual paper planners.

I like the smell of new, bound paper. I like to write on fresh pages and flip through them like I mean business.

A new planner holds the promise of a new, organized year. Just think of what I might do: Exercise, clean on a schedule, create menus—The sky is the limit! All I need is the right planner.

I’ve tried many. My mood changes. Some years I’m feeling hardbound daily planner-ish. Other years I throw caution to the wind and go for a soft-cover month-at-a glance. Lately I’ve been feeling like I want a weekly planner. I like to take life in chunks—weekly sized-chunks feel right for 2013.

What about you? Do you live by your planner or do you prefer to go freestyle with nothing more than a to-do list and more short-term memory than me? Here are my all-time favorites and a couple that I’d love to try.

  • Moleskine Daily Planners 1 of 5
    Moleskine Daily Planners
    I am in love with Moleskine. I'm just an absolute sucker for it. When you get a new one it comes with a card that describes the history of Moleskine. Long story short, Van Gogh used them! This colorful set is more journal than calendar. I want it so bad. This year I'm using a black hard-bound Moleskine Weekly planner, if you really must know.
    Available here.
  • Mousepad Notepads 2 of 5
    Mousepad Notepads
    These are simple and smart. The notepad of weekly planning sheets doubles as a mouse pad. You rip off a new one every day. I love both the design and practicality of it.
    Available here.
  • Mom’s Ultimate Family Organizer 3 of 5
    Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer
    This binder is irresistible. Think of the menus, check lists, and schedules you could fill it up with! Who doesn't love an organized binder with cute tabs? Oh, I wish my life were perfectly planned and organized. If I had this binder, my life would probably be so awesome.
    Available here.
  • Women’s Success Planner 4 of 5
    Women's Success Planner
    These soft-cover, spiral-bound planners are great. I've used them for years. They show you a week at a glance with repeating chores and household reminders. They even have a spot to track your water intake and exercise.
    Available here.
  • Giant Stendig Calendar 5 of 5
    Giant Stendig Calendar
    This is the main household calendar that I use. It also doubles as art. Every year I buy one with a metallic Sharpie because every other page is black. All of our stuff—for a family of 6—fits on this baby. Sometimes I get jazzy with color-coordinated post-it notes, which fit perfectly in the squares. This is my favorite calendar.
    Available here.

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