5 Reasons You Should Empower Your Kids to Pick Their Own Outfits

5 Reasons You Should Empower Your Kids to Pick Their Own OutfitOne of the best things about having kids is watching them learn and grown and become who they are. It may seem like the 18 years you’re “in charge” of parenting them is a long time, but as people say — that time flies faster than we may realize. Before we know it they’re off on their own and hopefully, thriving.

Before that time comes, we get to see the small changes that our kids make. First we see them walk, they start feeding themselves and go off to school. There comes a time — usually when your child is a toddler that they love putting fun clothing combinations together (if you have a child who keeps their clothes on) and you may have a struggle over what they can and shouldn’t wear to school.

For me, I am all for letting my kids choose what they wear. It’s something I was happy when they insisted they do on their own and believe it’s great for them — for a few reasons.

Click through to read 5 reasons why you should empower your kids to pick their own outfits:

  • Helps them express their own self 1 of 5
    Helps them express their own self
    Kids are always figuring out life and who and how they fit in it. Allowing them to dress themselves allows them to express their own sense of fashion. Sure, it may be a bit different than what you would choose, but allowing them to be them is a good thing! Go to the store with your child and let them show you what they like.
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  • Helps develop self-esteem 2 of 5
    Helps develop self-esteem
    Children want to know that you love them and accept them for who they are. Empowering them to do this for themselves will show that you have faith in what they want and accept them for their own sense of style. When you're out to get your child some new clothes, let them pick out some items themselves!
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  • Picking your battles 3 of 5
    Picking your battles
    Kids love to fight you over everything -- from what they eat for breakfast to when they have to go to bed. Pick and choose your battles and you may realize that allowing them to wear that dress again is not really a big deal. Spend some time telling your child what you think looks nice together and they may follow your lead.
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  • Helps them feel independent 4 of 5
    Helps them feel independent
    Kids love feeling like they are grown up and giving them any task they can do themselves helps them feel more grown up. Allowing them to take care of it themselves gives them a great sense of accomplishment. The night before school, have your child lay out their clothes for the next day. You can chat about why they chose what they did and add any input.
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  • It’s something else you don’t have to do now 5 of 5
    It's something else you don't have to do now
    We all have a large list of things we have to take care of ourselves when it comes to our kids. Taking just one thing off your list can have a huge impact on your own day-to-day tasks and it's one more check mark of something you've successfully taught your kids!
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