5 Sentences I Actually Had to Say to My Kids Today (& The Day's Not Over Yet)

5 Sentence I've Actually Had to Say to My Kids TodayOh what a day it has been!

I don’t have to tell you, but as you know, parenting can be hard sometimes. Oh the imagination of kids and their spirited-awesomeness can leave me pretty exhausted at the end of the day … well, even before the day ends!

We have been having a fun summer. It’s been weird weather, but good. We’ve been to the zoo, to the movies, to the park a million times over, and we’ve spent a lot of time together. This is nothing new for me; I am home with them every summer. But, with the kids being older, that sometimes means they get into a bit of trouble during the day. Nothing serious, just typical fun young kid stuff — they’re having fun.

Some days are more stressful than others and today was on the stressful side. It’s a day where I am frustrated from the start with little sleep, weirdly hungry, and well the kids are being a little extra spirited. It’s funny some of the things we as parents end up saying and today has been a highlight for me with the strange  things I never thought I would say, yet … it’s not even bedtime yet and I have actually had to say some weird things.

Click through to read 5 sentences I actually said today (and it’s not even bedtime yet):

  • “The living room is not a swimming pool” 1 of 5
    "The living room is not a swimming pool"
    My kids had the 'bright' idea to make a new game today. They took cups of water (cups!) and dumped it all over the living room floor. Apparently they wanted to go swimming?
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  • “Where did your underwear go?” 2 of 5
    "Where did your underwear go?"
    My toddler has this aversion to clothes. I can dress her from head to toe and less than 2 minutes later she will be totally naked again. It's a losing battle.
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  • “Stop licking the couch” 3 of 5
    "Stop licking the couch"
    I don't know. I am filing this one under the "things I never knew I would have to say" file.
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  • “I can’t hear you when you bounce!” 4 of 5
    "I can't hear you when you bounce!"
    One of my kids has this thing where they just bounce -- all.the.time. It's hard to understand them when they're trying to tell a story but are all over the place.
    Photo credit: photostock
  • “Stop pretending to touch your sister’s face” 5 of 5
    "Stop pretending to touch your sister's face"
    My kids have this game where they almost touch their sibling's face, but not quite doing it. Of course, it always starts a fight.
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