5 Signs You're 'Touched Out' & in Need of Some Space

I am someone who naturally doesn’t like to be touched too much. I am not a “hugger,” I don’t really like to cuddle, and I really enjoy having my own space. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that — it’s just who I am.

It kind of clashes sometimes when it comes to parenting. Kids love to play, cuddle, hug, and kiss and I want to be able to give that to them; it’s a part of mothering. I sometimes call it a hazard of parenting, because some days, I am just so done with all the touching.

I nursed a kid for 2.5 years and during that time I can say I have never been more “touched out.” This month takes a play for it as I have been busy caring for a sick toddler and giving extra cuddles and hugs to my older kids who have been oh-so-awesome during this stressful month.

I am “touched out” right now though — I am even getting the “ick” just typing the word “touch”. If you’ve ever wondered if you are in the space where you’re touched out, there are some symptoms of it. Click through to read 5 signs that you may be already or on your way to being “touched out”:

1) You find yourself in the bathroom when you don’t actually need to be:

I will admit, it’s happened to me more than once in my motherhood career. The bathroom has a lock on it, I can sit in there with no one on my lap and if I leave the light off, it takes them a few minutes to find me.

2) Your husband gives you the “eyes” and you scream:

Maintaining a relationship with your partner is important. I know for me it’s a priority because it helps me be a better mother and on the touched out days … it doesn’t look like it’s a priority. I will avoid him just so I can avoid being touched. I swear if there was a way to ‘do it’ without having to have anyone or anything touch you — it would be hotter than Fifty Shades of Grey

3) You have a sick child:

Yeah, I bet you’re touched out. I am touched out just thinking about a child who is sick .. I’ve been dealing with one for over a month… it’s hard.

4) You avoid going into crowded places for fear of the accidental touch:

If you live in a place where there are a lot of people, you will likely not go outside for a few days. I hate the accidental touch naturally (I have a huge ‘space bubble’), but I know even the thought of someone touching me on accident — even a brush by would be too much.

5) You find yourself daydreaming about vacation on an isolated island:

Many times I find myself daydreaming. Sometimes I dream about a vacation with my husband, a fun getaway with my family — but those days where I daydream about being stranded somewhere alone, that’s my cue I am ‘touched out’

:: How do you know you’ve been touched out? ::

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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