5 Things I Want to Do Before Kindergarten Starts

5 things I want to do before he starts Kindergarten

The countdown is on: Six months until my little boy will be sitting in his kindergarten classroom, starting the beginning of 13 (long) years in the public school system.

Year #1 of cafeterias and fire drills and school buses.

Year #1 of this new version of “normal,” that will consume our lives for the rest of his childhood.

(Aaaaand exhale.)

In realizing how little time we have left in this current phase (which I’ve truly loved), here are 5 things I’d like to do before the first day of kindergarten:

1. Have more play dates

My son has known many of his preschool buddies for a couple of years now — and he met a few of them when he was 18 months old, at the preschool’s sister-school for infants/toddlers. I’ve watched them all grow up together — now so much taller and smarter than when I first met them.

Despite being very close, he hasn’t had play dates with most of them (beyond birthday parties). They see each other every day around the circle-time rug, so we never think to coordinate weekend get-togethers — except I’m now realizing how little time they have left together (*sniff*).

And so in the next six months, I’d like to coordinate more play dates with his preschool friends — and take plenty of pictures to remember them by. After all, these are his very first friendships!

2. Take more trips

Pretty soon, we’ll be slaves to the public school calendar — meaning it’ll be harder to pull him out for a vacation that isn’t during the busiest times of the year, like spring break and summer. So in the next six months, before summer hits, I’d like to take a family vacation. Preferably a high-traffic place during an off-peak time (like Disney World, perhaps?).

3. Sign up for a local class with local kids

Luckily my son will be going into his new school knowing at least three kids — two fellow kindergarteners, one 2nd grader, and at least a few friendly faces from the neighborhood. But to increase the odds of him feeling comfortable with his peers — having someone familiar at the lunch table — I’d like to sign him up for a community activity with 5-year-olds in the school district, like soccer or karate or something.

4. Organize his baby book/memorabilia

Because it’s been 5 years. Enough is enough.

5. Mentally and emotionally come to terms

I’m having a much harder time accepting this new phase than I ever thought I would. So I have six months to come to terms with my baby growing up, getting older, starting school.

I have six months left.

Aaaand go…

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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