5 Tips for Fabulous Family Trips

Traveling with children is not always easy and the key to successful family travel is to always be prepared. Putting a plan in place will help insure that you have a successful family vacation with less stress.

Check out five tips for a great trip after the jump!

1.       Outline the trip Let your child know what to expect. If you are going to take a plane ride, show them a few pictures of airplanes and explain what will happen. Discuss the family trip from beginning to end so that they have an accurate picture of expectations with minimal surprises.

2.       Research — Once the kids know where you are going, learn more about your destination. Your child can look up information on the web or you can and then share the information. Spend the week before the trip learning and asking or answering questions so everyone in your family becomes an expert.

3.       Pack a sack A sack or backpack of games, small toys or other distractions can be a lifesaver during plane rides, waiting for baggage or hotel rooms and even at a restaurant after a meal. Always keep a few things handy so your child has something to do and you will all be much happier.

4.       Let your child pack their bag With your help, of course, your child can learn to pack their own bag. This also gives them a sense of ownership and teaches them to make the most of precious suitcase space. You can even let them make a list of what they would like to bring and gather the items to pack.

5.       Bring snacks No matter where or when you travel, bring the snacks. Carrots, apples, pretzels, raisins, granola or breakfast bars, animal crackers and fruit roll-ups or fruit snacks travel well and are always favorites with children. Juice boxes and bottled water travel well also but try to limit the liquids to avoid multiple trips to the bathroom.

What are your tips for family travel?

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