5 Ways Snow Days Differ For Parents and Kids

5 Ways Snow Days Differ For Parents and KidsWe are snowed in!

If you’re in the path of the snow blizzard Nemo, I bet your plans have changed for the day. You’re either stuck in the morning trying to figure out childcare plans for the kids who don’t have school today or you’re rearranging your schedule to stay home. Either way, for us, it’s not always as fun as it was when we were kids.

I remember when I was a child, snow days were the absolute best. Not having to go to school, being able to stay home and watch movies and play and spending more time with my parents.

It’s funny how snow days look different when your a parent verses when you were a kid. As much as I want to keep the spirit of snow that I had when I was a kid, things are so different now and it’s hard to ignore just how different.

Click through for 5 ways a snow day is different for parents and kids:

  • The Change of Plans 1 of 5
    The Change of Plans
    When you're a parent and expecting your kids to go to school, it makes plans difficult when they're not. Having to rearrange schedules and move things around is not all that fun. The kids -- they're just thrilled with the change of plans, happy to not have to go to school.
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  • The Temperature 2 of 5
    The Temperature
    I don't care for the cold and with the storm brought super cold temperatures. I'm bundled up and still cold. The kids -- they love the cold and don't care to add any layers of cold.
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  • The Snow 3 of 5
    The Snow
    The snow means difficult driving conditions, crazy gear to stay warm, shoveling and being shut in to a parent. For kids, the snow means snowmen, play toys outside and it's a wonderland.
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  • The Relaxing Day 4 of 5
    The Relaxing Day
    The kids see the snow day as a great day to relax and do what they want. For us parents, it's anything but relaxing as we're breaking up sibling fits, trying to fight their boredom and getting things done.
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  • The Menu 5 of 5
    The Menu
    If you were not prepared for the snow ahead of time, parents will struggle over the menu. You'll have to compromise and give the kids whatever you have in your cupboards. The kids, they love that since they get to eat jello and pudding all day.
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