5-Year-Old Encourages Me to Write, But Won’t Stop Bugging Me

iStock_000002842226XSmallMy kids are just getting old enough to be able to guilt them into things. When I was a kid I remember sometimes being persuaded by guilt. I don’t know if my mom did it on purpose or if it was self-inflicted, but it seemed to work as well as anything else. It doesn’t work on young children though. I just tried it on my 5-year-old.

She has a good life and gets lots of attention. I pick her up from the bus stop every day after school and walk her home. We eat lunch and talk about her day. She’s not getting neglected over here. But today I was trying to get caught up on some blogging after lunch, with little success. She kept interrupting me and asking me to do things, to look at things, to spell things, to watch things, to get her ice water. ┬áMaybe you think that’s adorable. Maybe you think I’m mean and should just enjoy this stage. Maybe you are right.

Instead, I tried to make her feel bad for bugging me by using guilt. I told her, “I’m mostly a ┬ámommy, but I’m also trying to be a writer. But I can’t really write anything because you interrupt me literally once every minute. I wonder if I should quit trying to write and just be a mommy.”

She was aghast and said, “Mom! Don’t say that. You should NEVER give up writing or quit blogging!”

This was really nice and encouraging and everything, but she didn’t ever offer to quit bugging me. So, I’m not sure I accomplished anything with my brutal honesty. It’s nice to know that she is in favor of my writing in theory though.

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