5-Year-Old Meets Heroes — Everyone Behaves Magnificently

This is a beautiful story about everything I love: Moms, kids, super heroes, and America — with a little Joss Whedon thrown if for good measure.

This photo of 5-year-old Edison with Tom Hiddleston as Loki is perfectly adorable. The story behind it is delightful.

A geek-dad hears The Avengers is filming in Central Park. He sends his wife with his little boy to catch some of the action since they are in the city doing some school shopping. Grips and guards are charmed by the toy shield Edison carries everywhere–he has just seen Captain America for the second time, after all–and they let him beyond the barricades to meet his heroes.

Tom Hiddleston sweeps him up onto his shoulders for a photo. Later they meet Captain America himself after Chris Evan’s mom spots Edison and yells, “Chris! Look how adorable he is!” Over strides Chris Evans who chats and shakes hands with the 5-year-old as if he is Steve Rogers himself. (Which, you know — he is.) But heroes can’t stand around all day! No sir. They have work to do. So the polite and soft-spoken director breaks up the scene, “Sorry little buddy. I need Captain America for a minute.” Hi. Could Joss Whedon have interrupted ANY MORE ICONICALLY. I just fainted. But it’s not my story. Here’s how the dad tells it. God bless America.

I got pretty excited about The Avengers myself.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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