50 Reasons My Kid Might Be Freaking Out

50 Reasons My Kid Might be Freaking OutMy son has a rough life. Everyday, multiple times a day, the absolute worst things that could ever happen to someone, happen to him. I mean, I guess they happen to other people’s kids too, and it’s good to know you’re not alone in this crazy parenting world.

He’s a bit like a firecracker, my son. His fuse is short and we never really know when or what will set him off into a sobbing, sometimes screaming, mess of a meltdown. Good thing he’s cute.

In a typical day, here’s just a few of the reasons he might be freaking out at any particular moment:

I woke him up too early, and he’s still tired.

I woke him up too late, he didn’t want to sleep in!

His sister woke up before him, and he wanted to wake up first.

He peed in his pull-up. But he didn’t want to pee in his pull-up, he wanted to keep it dry.

He wants to wear his pajamas to drop of his sister at school, but I asked him to put on clothes.

He wore his pajamas, but he wanted to get dressed before dropping off his sister at school.

He doesn’t understand why we can’t “GO BACK!!!!” and drop off his sister at school again.

He wants to be a time traveler, and go back in time to redo things that didn’t go his way.

He’s hungry and he wants oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast, right now!

So I throw them together and hand them to him. “But I didn’t want them in the same bowl!”

I can’t understand what he’s saying when he’s crying and whining at me.

He doesn’t want me to talk to him when he’s whining and crying.

I asked him to clear his breakfast dishes after he’s finished eating.

I asked him to wash his hands and face.

I asked him to put his pajamas in the clothes hamper.

How dare I ask him to put on underwear when he’s running around naked!

He wants his Green Lantern underwear, but he wore them yesterday.

He wants to wear his underwear backwards. He likes them that way!

He wants to play Candyland with me “right this instance!”, but I’m nursing the baby.

We play Candyland, but he wanted to win.

The Netflix screen stays red for too long.

He chose to watch Diego, but he really meant that he wanted to watch Curious George.

He wants to be a time traveler, and go back in time to redo things that didn’t go his way.

He doesn’t wanna pick up his toys!

He wants his sister to come home from school, right now!

He didn’t want his sister to come home from school already!

He wanted to make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

But he doesn’t want the jelly to fall off the bread when he spreads it.

And how could he possibly eat a sandwich where the peanut butter is touching the jelly?!

His sister won’t listen to him when he’s talking.

He doesn’t want his sister to talk to him!

He can’t believe he can’t actually shoot spiderwebs out of his hand like Spiderman.

How dare I tell him he can’t climb the walls like Spiderman?!

The game on the iPad isn’t working.

I tell him it’s broken. “No! The iPad game IS NOT broken!”

WHY? Why am I not a genius who can fix the iPad game?

How dare I ask him to turn off the iPad?!

I keep talking and moving even though he’s Ice Man and he turned me into ice.

I don’t acknowledge that he is actually Ice Man.

He doesn’t want his leftover mashed potatoes warmed up.

He doesn’t like leftover mashed potatoes cold!

He fell asleep on our drive home and doesn’t want to get out of the car.

But, don’t leave me in the car by myself!

He wants to wear feet pajamas to bed.

The feet on the pajamas are too tight and bothering him!

He wants someone to lay with him so he can fall asleep.

He doesn’t want me to lay with him, he wants Daddy to lay with him.

Daddy’s not home.

I don’t know what he wants.

I’m not a mind reader.

Poor guy. Really, he’s a sweet kid and I love him to pieces. He also has lots of great and happy moments throughout his day, but sometimes, the unknown of when and what he’s going to freak out about just gets a little tiring. Can you relate?

What’s the most unreasonable thing your kid ever freaked out about?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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