50 Of The Best Roadside Attractions In America(Part 2 Montana-Wyoming)

biggest truck in the world
The Biggest Truck In The World

Our greatest fears have been scientifically proven: Kids get bored quickly.

So planning a summer road trip requires extra finesse. Last summer I took my boys to see the biggest truck in the world (left). We only stayed 10 minutes, but it was enough to stretch legs, change diapers, have snacks, and get back in the car for another 3 hrs.

Road trip is season is here, and no matter where you are in the 50 states, there’s a place for you to take pause.

Looking for Luke Skywalker’s home? Big busts of Presidents? Baskets, ball of stamps, or the birthplace of Buzz Aldrin? They’re all on the list. Check the second half after the jump and add your big roadside recommendations in the comments. (You can find Alabama through Missouri here)

  • Glendive, Montana 1 of 25
    Glendive, Montana
    Glendisaurus - In a park off Highway 16 stands a triceratops with a plaque reading "This triceratops dinosaur is dedicated to the community. It was made a reality by the people, businesses and organizations of this community through their generous donations and hundreds of volunteer hours."

    Image Credit Nod to Nothing
  • Boys Town, Nebraska 2 of 25
    Boys Town, Nebraska
    Ball of Stamps - Started in 1953 by the Boys Town Stamp Collecting Club, there are more than 4 million cancelled stamps making up this ball. Each of them licked, and hand placed.

    Image Credit Ten Minute Tourist
  • Amargosa Valley, Nevada 3 of 25
    Amargosa Valley, Nevada
    World's Largest Firecracker - There are many things for everyone to see in Nevada, but what about outside of Las Vegas' strip? Amargosa Valley has a big fuel tank with a green wick out of the top, proclaiming to be the world's largest firecracker. Looks a little fishy to me, but I'm not going to be the one to light that fuse and try it out. It's next to Alamo Fireworks which sells the real thing inside.

    Image Credit leeca98
  • Laconia, New Hampshire 4 of 25
    Laconia, New Hampshire
    American Classic Arcade Museum - My boys are fully versed in the greatness of iPhones and iPads, but my 5 yr old still gets giddy when we go to the old hot dog shack with a pinball machine and stand up games inside. I can't imagine how he'd feel here, at the spot certified as the world's largest arcade.

    Image Credit ACAM
  • Montclair, New Jersey 5 of 25
    Montclair, New Jersey
    Buzz Aldrin's Birthplace - This is the man for whom I am named. Gotta pick this as a great spot to stop. He may not have been the first guy on the moon, but he was the first guy named "Buzz" to get there.

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico 6 of 25
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Giant Rattlesnake - A slithering diamondback has been fashioned out of rocks off I-25. It snakes along the median for about 400 ft.

    Image Credit Bryan J on Foursquare
  • New York, New York 7 of 25
    New York, New York
    Teardrop Park - If your kids are being good troopers as Mom and Dad do Manhattan, take them to this hidden park gem for an hour and let them have some time on their own. They can climb on rocks, and speed down a huge slide.

    Image Credit edenpictures
  • Mount Airy, North Carolina 8 of 25
    Mount Airy, North Carolina
    World's Largest Open Air Granite Quarry - This pit of rocks is so big, in can be seen from space. Stone from this place was used to build the Washington Monument. If you're lucky on your visit, you'll see a few dynamite explosions to loosen stones.

    Image Credit Google Maps
  • Jamestown, North Dakota 9 of 25
    Jamestown, North Dakota
    World's Largest Buffalo - This 60 ton concrete sculpture was erected in 1959. Look on the horizon and you might find a free roaming buffalo herd.

    Image Credit Wikitravel
  • Frazeysburg, Ohio 10 of 25
    Frazeysburg, Ohio
    World's Largest Apple Basket - It's a big basket, on the Longaberger Homestead filled with apples. Basket collectors come from far and wide to get their baskets autographed, make new ones at this heritage site, and to pose for pictures.

    Image Credit Longaberger
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 11 of 25
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Miss America Statues - 3 women from OKC have gone on to be Miss America. Jane Jayroe, Susan Powell, and Shawntel Smith are forever immortalized in bronze here.

    Image Credit Brooks Family
  • Boring, Oregon 12 of 25
    Boring, Oregon
    Town of Boring - If the kids are bored and it's driving you nuts, drive them to Boring, Or. Ain't nothing quite like being bored in Boring.

    Image Credit Wikipedia
  • Ashland, Pennsylvania 13 of 25
    Ashland, Pennsylvania
    Whistler's Mother's Statue - If you can't make it to Paris to see the painting, then this statue will have to serve the basis for the art lesson. The statue has been proclaimed as a "Monument to Mothers."

    Image Credit Joseph Lee Novak
  • Pawtucket, Rhode Island 14 of 25
    Pawtucket, Rhode Island
    Mr Potato Head - Hasbro's headquarters are here, and Mr Potato Head greets visitors in the role of official Family Travel Ambassador of the state.

    Image Credit John Eckman
  • Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina 15 of 25
    Sullivan's Island, South Carolina
    Hurricane Proof House - The maker of this home did it to resist hurricane force winds and waves. The rounded sides make it aerodynamic, the stilts keep it from getting wet. That may have been the purpose, but tourists think it kinda looks like Luke Skywalker's home on Tatooine.

    Image Credit tbits
  • Hermosa, South Dakota 16 of 25
    Hermosa, South Dakota
    Big President Heads - Just down the road from Mt Rushmore is a field with busts of Reagan, GW, and JFK rising from a field. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

    Image Credit National Park Explorers
  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 17 of 25
    Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
    Upside Down building - It's a building, that's upside down. On purpose. Inside Wonderworks you'll find hands-on exhibits, inversion tunnel, space zone and illusion gallery.

    Image Credit Wonderworks Blog
  • Groom, Texas 18 of 25
    Groom, Texas
    Leaning Water Tower - Eat your heart out, Pisa! While the Italian tower leans uncontrollably, this clever water tower was built on a 10 degree angle on purpose and catches everyone's eye along I-40.

    Image Credit Wikipedia
  • Provo, Utah 19 of 25
    Provo, Utah
    Big Y - The original plan was to spell BYU on the side of Y mountain, but only the Y was made. A zig-zag trail leads up to the big letter.

    Image Credit BY High
  • Montpellier, Vermont 20 of 25
    Montpellier, Vermont
    Venus de Maple - Some find religious figures in grilled cheese, others see famous works of art in twisted trees. This sugar shack has a number of naturally twisted branches, this is their most famous.

    Image Credit Kitchen Lane
  • Bealeton, Virginia 21 of 25
    Bealeton, Virginia
    Giant Rollerskate - Your kids may be a fan of rollerblading, so stop by this spot to show them what it was like way back in the day.

    Image Credit Xpeditor
  • Seattle, Washington 22 of 25
    Seattle, Washington
    World's Oldest Starbucks - Opened in 1975, this location near Pike Place Market was the second Starbucks store opened, but it's the oldest surviving outlet. Very very busy with caffeine worshipers on the weekends.

    Image Credit
  • Anstead, West Virginia 23 of 25
    Anstead, West Virginia
    Mystery Hole - The VW Beetle crashed into the side of the building will make you wonder what's going on, and the sign will pique your curiosity. The sort of tourist trap from days gone by, underground tunnels built at odd angles will play optical illusions that make it seem as if the rules of gravity don't apply here.

    Image Credit Mystery Hole
  • Neptune, Wisconsin 24 of 25
    Neptune, Wisconsin
    Elephant Trunk Rock - Your kids might have fun looking at the clouds on a long roadie trying to make imaginary animals. Pull up alongside this one and see if they can spot the elephant.

    Image Credit Google StreetView
  • Thermopolis, Wyoming 25 of 25
    Thermopolis, Wyoming
    World's Largest Hot Spring - a dip in super hot water is always relaxing and this 127 degree pool claims to be the biggest on the planet. There's a free state bath house, and many commercial pools tapping into the same spring.

    Image Credit Wikipedia

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