6 Creative Alternatives to Birthday Party Gifts

6 Creative Alternatives to Birthday Party Gifts It’s birthday season in our house — my son just celebrated his 7th birthday and my daughters are about to have their birthday’s next month.

This time of year is always pretty chaotic, especially coming off the Christmas holidays and still trying to get the house back in order from the new items, books and toys the kids were lucky to receive this year.

Withe their birthday so close, the idea of giving them even more new toys just seems like way too much. When you host a birthday party for your child, traditionally each invited member brings a small gift for your kid and depending on the size of your party — that can amount to a lot of new toys.

As I plan the parties for my girls this year, I am debating going a different route than the traditional gift-giving ideas — to have the focus be more on giving than receiving; even for the birthday girl.

Check out these alternatives to traditional gift-giving birthday parties:

  • Host a Book Exchange 1 of 6
    Ask everyone to bring a wrapped book in the age-range for the children. Host a gift exchange placing the wrapped books in a line and each child can draw a number. They then get the book in that order. Each person leaves with a book in hand.
  • Ask for Art Supplies 2 of 6
    In place of a gift for the child, ask that each guest bring an art supply gift in place to be donated to the local children's group. It always feels good to give.
  • Request Non-perishable Food Items 3 of 6
    Many people are able to pick up a can of spaghetti sauce or vegetables for a dollar from the store. Asking that each invited member bring a non-perishable item for the food bank in place of another toy for the child is a great way to keep the spirit of giving going.
  • Let the Party Be The Gift 4 of 6
    You can simply ask that no gifts are necessary and that the person hosting the party is giving the event-out as a gift to all attendees. Have a popcorn party or go to the local park to play a game of soccer.
  • Host a Gift Exchange 5 of 6
    Similar to the book exchange, but each invited member would bring a small gift under $10; wrapped. The party host would have a gift exchange so everyone gets something new & that means only one new toy for your child too.
  • Ask For a Dollar; to be donated 6 of 6
    You can ask each invited member to forgo the gift for the child and bring a dollar or two in place. The birthday kid can then take all the donated money to the local shelter or charity of their choice.

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