6 Funniest Parenting Posts of the Week

I turn to my favorite blogs for humor because parenting is hard and anything that gets me to laugh and say “me too!” is a must-read.  Whether they’re writing about the convenience of a diapered child or the art of teaching kids about money via the trusted lemonade stand, these bloggers are a must-read for the much-needed parenting chuckle.

Click through for the funniest parenting blog posts of the week! And if you have one that made you laugh, please let me know in the comments.


  • From Hip To Housewife 1 of 6
    From Hip To Housewife
    Things Parents Say When Their Kids Come Home From Sleepaway Camp is an instant classic!
    From the post: 5. I sent you to camp with 18 pairs of sock, sent six more, and you came home with how many? None? How is that even possible?
  • The Mama Bird Diaries 2 of 6
    The Mama Bird Diaries
    Ever wish your kid was potty trained already? Not after you read In Defense of Disposable Diapers!
    From the post:I'm not interested in potty training my 2-year-olds. I like them just the way they are, with their tushes all wrapped in absorbent chemical somethings
  • Dusty Earth Mother 3 of 6
    Dusty Earth Mother
    Shari decides to teach her kids fiscal responsibility. And that's a win for all of us.
    From the post:Step 3. Realize that your Easy-To-Assemble Lemonade Stand is missing a piece, which makes it a Pain-In-The-Butt-To-Assemble Lemonade Stand.
  • Mom 101 4 of 6
    Mom 101
    Look, just look! Naked baby dolls. Need I say more?
  • Wendi Aarons 5 of 6
    Wendi Aarons
    What I Did on My Summer Vacation by Wendi. A+!
    From the post:On July 21st, the Aarons family truckster pulled out of Austin, Texas and—21 days, 6,000 miles and 30 gallons of crappy coffee later—we pulled back in and immediately went our four separate ways for the rest of the summer. I mean, did I mention 6,000 miles?
  • I’m Gonna Kill Him 6 of 6
    I'm Gonna Kill Him
    A Gynecological Q&A More fun than a visit to your gynecologist, I swear!
    From the post:- I once saw an IUD on the asphalt of a Burlington Coat Factory parking lot so I'm assuming they can just fall right out if you get excited about discounts?


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For more of Marinka, visit her personal blog Motherhood in NYC and The Mouthy Housewives, where she doles out advice as though it were candy. Mmm … candy. Also, follow her on Twitter, where she never refers to herself in the third person, but does have a potty mouth. Sorry!

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