6 Reasons I Hate Kids’ Birthday Parties

There’s no denying birthday parties are the highlight of the under 12 crowd, but as an adult woman I’m going on record to say that birthday parties suck ass.

I’d rather spend my Saturday cleaning up boy pee behind my toilets than act as taxi driver and chaperone to little Joshua’s 6th birthday party (no offense Joshua).

Fellow Kid Scooper, Marinka outlined the top 10 kids birthday party trends she wished would go away where she covered every party trend that chaps my hide, but for me the chapping doesn’t end there.

I’m almost ashamed to admit the personal anxieties birthday parties bring. Check out the 6 reasons I hate kids’ birthday parties after the jump!

  • Can I? Should I? Do I? 1 of 6
    Can I? Should I? Do I?
    I'm riddled with uncertainty when it comes to kids' birthday parties. Is it rude to ask if I can bring my other (uninvited) child too? Do I drop off my kid and leave? Do I stay? Too. Much. Pressure.
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  • Party favors 2 of 6
    Party favors
    My 4 year old has yet to understand that party favors don't last forever. In fact, they rarely even last the entire ride home.
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  • The whole blogger thing 3 of 6
    The whole blogger thing
    I'm hesitant to tell strangers I'm a blogger as I reserve the right to post about how much this party sucked.
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  • Stranger moms 4 of 6
    Stranger moms
    As much as I believe in the importance of making and keeping mom friends, I tend to be shy outside of my element. I'm no good at mom pick-up lines.
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  • Pools, and trampolines, and scary dogs – oh my! 5 of 6
    Pools, and trampolines, and scary dogs - oh my!
    Few things scare me more than random danger in unfamiliar places. I find it difficult to helicopter my kid to safety amidst 600 kids and danger at every turn.
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  • I’m always the chosen one 6 of 6
    I'm always the chosen one
    My husband would never dream of spending 3 hours of his Saturday at a stranger child's birthday party. If my kids want to attend a birthday party, mom gets the honor.
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What do you hate about kids’ birthday parties?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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