6 Simple Things That Are Harder Than They Should Be When You Have Kids

I expected a lot of things to change when I had kids and things did change. I have been a mom for just over 7 years now and I’ve gotten the hang of juggling multiple tasks at once, attending to three kids and prioritizing the needs that need to be met.

There are some things that, before having kids, I never gave any second thought when it came time to do them. I wasn’t juggling, prioritizing or needing to worry about as much as I have to now. There are some simple things in life that are a lot harder now that I have kids than when I didn’t. Nothing serious by any means, but I have a feeling I am not the only mom who sometimes wishes (even for a brief moment), that the simplicity came back.

  • Difficult Simplicity 1 of 7
    Difficult Simplicity
    I wouldn't change it for anything, but these simple things are now much harder than they used to be.
  • Sneaking a Snack 2 of 7
    Sneaking a Snack
    If I were to decide that I wanted to eat a cookie or a milkshake, I can no longer just get one for me -- my kids will insist on one for them too.
  • Finding a Pen or Pencil 3 of 7
    Finding a Pen or Pencil
    It's not often I need one, but when I have to sign something for the kids school, there are no writing utensils in sight. I can buy packs, but they all just disappear.
  • Keeping the House Spotless 4 of 7
    Keeping the House Spotless
    It seems once I finish cleaning a room, I turn around and it's messy again. I've resolved to having a semi-clean house until they move out.
  • Going Shopping 5 of 7
    Going Shopping
    Before kids, I could just get up an go. Now, I either have to find someone to watch the kids or take them with me, which is a whole new level of things to do.
  • Eating a Warm Meal 6 of 7
    Eating a Warm Meal
    I wonder if I am the only mom who has to eat her dinners cold. I sit down to eat, but there's this I have to do and that and by the time I can eat, it's cold.
  • Feeling Rested 7 of 7
    Feeling Rested
    It should be as simple as taking a nap or going to bed a little early if I am tired, but now -- it's a forever feeling.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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