6 Things Grandparents Do Better Than Parents

Grandparents Day is coming up, and in celebration I’ve been thinking about all the important things that grandparents do. My children have been fortunate to have both sets of grandparents active in their upbringing, and I’m mom enough to admit that there are things that grandparents do better than parents. At least in my family, but maybe yours too?

Click through for some of the many ways in which grandparents excel!

  • Always dessert-ready! 1 of 6
    Always dessert-ready!
    Unlike parents, who tend to be more focused on things like nutrition and healthful snacks, grandparents can be counted on to serve dessert every day. And they're even happy to bake a batch of cookies at a moment's notice!
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  • Listen to knock-knock jokes nonstop 2 of 6
    Listen to knock-knock jokes nonstop
    Long after the parents have waved the white flag on knock knock jokes and begged the kids for a moratorium on them, grandparents are happy to go a few rounds of "who's there?" And laugh approvingly every time.
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  • Read a favorite book with the same enthusiasm each time 3 of 6
    Read a favorite book with the same enthusiasm each time
    Parents exhausted from multiple readings of the same book? No problem! It's the grandparents to the rescue!
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  • Learning about Pokemon 4 of 6
    Learning about Pokemon
    If a child is going through the Pokemon stage, there's no one better than a grandparent to hear all about it. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle! It may take Grandpa a little while to learn all the names, but the kids will have a great time teaching them.
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  • Tell funny stories about when Mom and Dad were little 5 of 6
    Tell funny stories about when Mom and Dad were little
    No one tells those stories of mom being potty trained or dad getting into huge trouble for making a mess in the kitchen better than grandma and grandpa!
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  • Letting kids stay up past their bedtime 6 of 6
    Letting kids stay up past their bedtime
    Only a few more minutes! works a lot better on Grandma and Grandpa than it does on Mom and Dad.
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