6 Things I Hate Doing Now That I Am a Mom

6 Things I Hate Doing Now That I Am a MomMotherhood and having kids changes a lot.

It makes some things in life easier—  like an excuse to do kid-things like coloring or playing at the arcade. It brings joy to your life as you see someone discover things that you’ve known forever as brand new and well, it’s pretty awesome.

There are ways that motherhood changes your life and makes things maybe a little bit harder, or to the point that something you used to love and enjoy now becomes a pain in your side. Small and simple things that when you were off doing them pre-kids, you had no idea how much things would change when you welcomed a child into your life.

Click through to read 6 things that I hate doing now that I am a mom:

  • Going to Parties 1 of 6
    Going to Parties
    Before kids it was fun to look forward to a night out on the town and have fun, stay up all night or whatever. Now, the parties consist of birthday parties for other people's kids and the frantic "what do I buy for this 5-year-old girl i've never met?"
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  • Shopping 2 of 6
    Before kids I had all the time in the world to go shopping. I could go to pick up a few things, a whole weeks worth of stuff or to just browse. Now with kids I am wrangling the 'have to-gets' with three kids going off in different directions.
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  • Bed Time Routine 3 of 6
    Bed Time Routine
    Before kids I had a routine that looked something like this: brush teeth, clean face, read a book, maybe have fun with the husband.
    Now, with kids it looks like this: get kids teeth brushed, tuck them in, get kid water, tuck them in, gently remind kid to go back to bed, tuck them back in, pass out, wake up after 3 hours, sooth a nightmare, tuck kid back in.
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  • Talking on the Phone 4 of 6
    Talking on the Phone
    I never used to hate talking on the phone but now I am for sure one of the people who prefer a text message. Something about three kids automatically needing your attention only when you pick up the phone that kind of kills it for you.
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  • Vacation Planning 5 of 6
    Vacation Planning
    It never used to be so stressful, but now with kids the options are either take the kids with you (yeah, right) or plan months and months ahead of time and beg someone to watch your kids for you.
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  • Wearing a Bathing Suit 6 of 6
    Wearing a Bathing Suit
    Ok, so not entirely parenthood's fault, but I have a short torso and three kids who were 8lbs at birth. It did a number on my stomach and well, now I hate bathing suits.
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