6-Year-Old Girl Cyber Bullied By a Grown Adult. This Needs to Stop.

6-year-old girl cyber bulliedIs this really the world we’re living in, now?

A world where a 6-year-old girl gets her picture snapped at Wal-Mart by a stranger, it’s posted on Facebook with a snarky comment by a grown adult who should know better, and that picture circulates around the Web until it reaches the family.

And that grown adult didn’t use the discretion to blur out her face; oh no. That was done by FOX Carolina who covered the story. The original photo was posted with her face clearly visible, and with the words “Honey boo-boo at Walmart.”

Harmless? Funny? Not when people start recognizing the little girl, and it’s brought to her attention that she’s being mocked and ridiculed on the Web.

The most heart-wrenching part of the story is when her cousin told the camera how self-conscious the kindergartener is about her appearance now.

“Before she goes out in public, she tries on different outfits because she feels like she’s too big.”


The crazy thing is that whoever posted that photo (the news outlet wouldn’t release the name, and the photo as since been removed) probably didn’t mean to hurt the little girl’s feeling. It was most likely done in jest, not malice. It’s time for us all to realize how damaging this kind of public shaming is, especially for the youngest kids. Especially especially for little girls when it concerns their weight. She has her whole life to develop body image issues.

Think these things through, people.

This kindergartener was cyber bullied, plain and simple. But more than that, she was hurt — in a kind of way that will stick with her for years.

We can do better than this. We have to do better than this.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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