7 Books to Celebrate Graduation

Last week I graduated and became the first person in my family to earn a master’s degree. It was major milestone in my life, and I was proud that my 7-year old son, Norrin, got to be a part of it.

Norrin’s first graduation or “Stepping Up” ceremony was when he graduated from Early Intervention to CPSE (Committee of Preschool Special Education). Norrin was 3 and a half years old, and while it wasn’t the kind of ceremony we had planned to attend, we were proud of the strides he made during that first year he was diagnosed with autism. His second graduation was when he was moving from CPSE to Kindergarten. It was an emotional day because he was leaving a familiar place. When Norrin graduated from Kindergarten, we CELEBRATED! But not for the reasons you may think. And with each milestone, we’ve purchased something to commemorate Norrin’s achievement.

Milestones, Stepping Up Ceremonies and Graduations are special days. It’s a day to recognize how far you’ve come and to look ahead. It’s a day where hopes are fulfilled and dreams are made.

Here are 7 books that to celebrate your child’s special day!

  • 7 Books to Celebrate your Little Graduate 1 of 8
    7 Books To Celebrate Your Little Graduates

    Click through to see 7 books to celebrate your little one on their very special day! 

  • Reach for the Stars 2 of 8

    There is nothing like the first day of school jitters and that feeling at the end of the day when you've made it through. That is what little ones need to understand about life. This book teaches them to reach for the stars no matter what. 

    Available on Amazon for $8.18  

  • Leo the Late Bloomer 3 of 8

    One of my favorite books to read to Norrin. I bought it shortly after Norrin's autism diagnosis five years ago. Reading it now, I can truly identify with and appreciate Leo's journey. 

    Available on Amazon for $14.05

  • I Believe in You 4 of 8

    Children thrive when they are encouraged and motived. This sweet books motives kids to try their best and encourages them to be themselves.  

    Available on Amazon for $8.99

  • Curious You On Your Way! 5 of 8

    Curious George is such a beloved character. This book celebrates the accomplishments achieved and the ones that have yet to come!

    Available on Amazon for $9.87

  • YAY, YOU! 6 of 8

    I love this little book. It's fun and it's simple enough for emerging readers. A great gift especially for a Kindergarten graduation. 

    Available on Amazon for $11.99 

  • I’m Here 7 of 8

    This book because it reminds me of Norrin. The older he's getting, the more difficult it is for him to fit in with "typical" kids. I really love the message of this book - it builds a child's self esteem. It teaches kids that they are here and that they matter. 

    Available on Amazon for $11.07 

  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go! 8 of 8

    This list wouldn't be complete without Oh, the Places You'll Go! This book makes an ideal gift for graduates of all ages.

    Available on Amazon for $9.89

Any of these books will make a great gift. And if you decide on any of these books – be sure to write a special message and date it.

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