7 Chores I Will Absolutely Pay My Kids to Do

Last week I shared the 6 chores I refuse to pay my kids to do because, by golly, they live here too. That’s not to say I’m running some kind of child sweat shop ’round these parts, but rather, I simply believe that basic everyday chores should be done by each and every person living under a shared roof.

But for every chore I won’t pay for, there are least twice as many that I will gladly pay for, and probably more handsomely than Suze Orman would recommend. When deciding which chores are worth cash money, I rely on this totally scientific formula:

1. Is the chore physical?

2. Am I willing to do the chore myself?

3. Will I have to redo this physical chore that I’m not willing to do myself the first time?

If the answers to these questions are yes, no, and no respectively, then it’s a job willing to pay for.

Take a look at the 7 chores I will absolutely bribe pay my kids to do so I don’t have to:

  • What could they be? 1 of 8

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  • Raking leaves 2 of 8

    I'd pay anyone to rake leaves. Because it sucks and I sunburn easily. If you need me I'll be supervising from inside the house with a good book.

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  • Washing the car 3 of 8

    I can either pay my kids $10 to wash my car, or pay a car wash $14.99 + tip to do it. Either way, I'm not doing it.

    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Washing the dog 4 of 8

    We don't actually have a french bulldog dog named Pierre yet, but when we do, I will totally pay my kids to wash him because I don't want to get my hair wet.

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  • Pulling weeds 5 of 8

    The only thing that sucks harder than having weeds is pulling them. Have at it kids, there's a crisp fiver in it for ya.

    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Mowing the lawn 6 of 8

    Neither of my kids are old enough to operate heavy machinery, but once they are, the mover is all theirs.

    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Cleaning the garage 7 of 8

    Think about it, 80 percent of the crap in your garage easily belongs to your kids. Remember when you actually used to park in there? It only makes sense that my kids would clean up their own stuff in the garage. If you ask me, paying them is actually pretty generous when they ought to be paying me for storage.

    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Cleaning the floor 8 of 8

    Cleaning the floor is a young person's game. Their backs can handle it, besides, learning how stubborn sticky juice can be wouldn't be the worst lesson.

    Image credit: Shutterstock

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