7 Easy Ways to Annoy Your Friends Who Have No Kids

7 Easy Ways to Annoy Your Friends Who Have No KidsI have a hard time remembering what life was like for me before kids. I got married right out of college and we didn’t waste any time adding to our family. I wouldn’t change it for anything, but we did do things young.

I am at the age now where many of my friends are now just starting to build their family — welcoming their first child into their homes. I have not really had the experience of being the non-parent friend of someone who has a child, but I am starting to relate now that my kids are older and I’m listening to the more baby stages again from my friends.

There is nothing like parenting in the whole world, but as we all know it’s not something every person or couple chooses, and well to be honest, us parents can be quite annoying to them.

Click through for 7 easy ways to annoy your friends who have no kids:

  • Complain About Everything You Can’t Do 1 of 7
    Complain About Everything You Can't Do
    No one likes a complainer. It is good to vent to friends and family, but it can be totally annoying to continually hear from your friend how difficult their life is with kids. Especially if they one-up everything with what you say (if you have no kids) with how much harder everything is because they do have kids.
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  • Discuss the Latest Happenings of 2 of 7
    Discuss the Latest Happenings of
    It's hard when you're a parent and have to share the TV with the kids. It's important to get your own hobbies and keep up on all the happenings of the world. Your friends without kids will get bored of your topics, fast.
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  • Adapt a “Better Than You” Attiude 3 of 7
    Adapt a "Better Than You" Attiude
    My brother says that he feels there are some parents who have this attitude that everything they do is far better than anything he does (he has no kids), just because they are parents. Don't do that.
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  • Constantly Ask to Babysit 4 of 7
    Constantly Ask to Babysit
    "But, you're not doing anything."
    "You can go out whenever you want".
    Just not nice to over-ask!
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  • Continue to Ask When They Will Have Kids 5 of 7
    Continue to Ask When They Will Have Kids
    No one likes this question and it can be totally annoying (or hurtful) for various reasons. Also, just because you have kids, may not mean everyone else wants their own.
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  • Dinner Dates Mean Chicken Nuggets 6 of 7
    Dinner Dates Mean Chicken Nuggets
    If you're entertaining your friends, it's in your best interest to think outside typical kids' meals.
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  • Overshare Boring Photos 7 of 7
    Overshare Boring Photos
    You know, this one could apply to even your fellow parents. We all know that your kids are adorable and the best thing ever, however it's annoying when you overshare them doing something totally mundane.
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