7 Essentials For the Parents With Three Kids

There is no question that I have a busy household. We’ve always wanted a family on the larger-size to today’s standards and our house is filled with so much happy noise with three kids running around.

I grew up with a family of 6 and when I was young, I would watch my mom and her amazing abilities to micro-manage everything she had on her plate and still made life fun for us. I have no idea if she was stressed or how she made it look so effortless, but now that I have three kids of my own — I realize just how much work it is.

There are some essential things I’ve discovered that are important when you’re raising a larger family that are important for your sanity. Things can get overwhelming and chaotic, but with a few organizational tips, personality traits and items on hand — it becomes considerably more manageable.

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    Some protect the management of your house and other's protect your sanity. All are very valuable when you're managing a large family.

  • A Well-Organized Calendar 2 of 8

    With three kids who each have their own school schedule, activities, appointments and social life, having a well-organized calendar is essential. It took me a while to find a system that worked for me and all our needs, but oh how much easier life is when it's there!

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  • Coffee! 3 of 8

    I never really understood the need for coffee. I would hear people talk about their crushing sadness when they're all out or how they're already on cup 6 of the day and I didn't get it. When I had my third child, it was all clear to me -- coffee = essential!

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  • Chore Chart 4 of 8
    organized calendar

    When the kids are young and you have so many of them, keeping on top of the house chores is so hard. It's important to make yourself (and your kids) a chore chart so you can manage better the pesky laundry so all your kids can wear clean clothes.

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  • Reliable Babysitter 5 of 8

    It's hard to find anyone who you trust with your kids when you have to (or super badly need to) get out of the house. It can be even more challenging when you've got three children because that's a lot for anyone to handle. Having a babysitter (be it someone you hire, family or friends) makes life so much easier.

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  • Headphones 6 of 8

    Kids are loud and make annoying sounds when they're playing. Multiply that by three and the noise can make you go a little crazy. My trick and tip -- have headphones with calming music playing and your mood will be instantly changed and sanity saved.

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  • Steady Flow of Food 7 of 8

    When kids get hungry, the get grumpy. Grumpy kids means more arguing, fighting and tantrums and with three kids, no one has time for that stuff. Having healthy food for them on hand for them to grab and snack on keeps the hungry grumps at bay.

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  • Patience 8 of 8

    There are some days where I crave being alone. I am followed around by these little loves and there comes a point where I just need space. People have asked me how I manage three children who are so close in age and I am convinced the reason I can manage it all so well is because I have so much patience. It's important, but hard to develop!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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