7 Family Vacations Your Tween Will Actually Enjoy. No, Really.

Tweens and teens are hard to please on family vacations. Why? Because they’d probably rather be anywhere else than stuck in a minivan with their family. Relax friend, I’m just telling it like it is.

As a parent who’s dealt with her share of sigh-heavy tween protest on vacations in the name of Griswold-esque family fun, I’ve learned a few things about choosing a family vacation that satisfies even the most discriminating tweenage tastes.

  • Tween-Approved Family Vacations 1 of 8

    Take a look at 7 family vacations your tween will actually enjoy. Hey, it could happen.

  • Tween Travel Agent 2 of 8

    This summer, leave the stress of planning your family vacation to your tween!


    Outline a few mutually agreed upon conditions (including a budget) and leave the rest of the planning to your tween. Putting them to work is a great way to encourage practical application of research, logistic, and budgeting skills all while giving you the break you deserve.


    Helpful hint: Don't hand over your credit card to your tween (not that you would). Once the family agrees on your tween's proposed vacation itinerary, you can personally secure the financial arrangements.


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  • Think Thrill 3 of 8

    Tweens are notorious thrill-seekers. Quench their thirst for adventure with amusements parks, zip-lining, wall climbing - basically any adventure that you've grown to fear as a sensible adult.


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  • Go West 4 of 8

    Maybe I'm a little bit biased as a SoCal native, but out west we've got what your tween is looking for. From Hollywood to Venice Beach, Disneyland and so much more, we've got the sunshine, stars, and memories to last a lifetime.


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  • Water Wins 5 of 8

    No matter where you go, make sure there's water. Swimming pools and ocean waves provide the perfect setting for tween summer fun.


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  • When In Doubt, Eat 6 of 8

    Let your belly be your guide to summer fun with your tween and take a foodie vacation! Fully belly = happy heart.


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  • Big City Adventure 7 of 8

    The hustle and bustle of a major city has more fun and excitement than a tween knows what to do with. From shopping  and sightseeing to dining and entertainment, a big city has it all!


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  • Resort, Of Course 8 of 8

    Because really, when all else fails an all-inclusive resort is a guaranteed winner. Check out the top resorts for tweens and teens by clicking here!


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