7 Great Ways to Immortalize Your Kid's Art

kid using crayonsThe end of the school year is upon us, and if you haven’t been collecting the crafts throughout the year, a big envelope will be arriving home from school very soon.

Macaroni wreaths, handprint turkeys, coloured eggs, drawings, and more will soon be stuck to the fridge, hung on a wall, stuffed in a drawer, or tossed.

There has to be a better way to deal with all the creative things our kids make through the school year.

Here’s 7 great ideas to handle the artwork overflow from your prolific pint-sized Picasso.

  • Take A Picture Of Everything 1 of 7
    Take A Picture Of Everything
    This is the least of what you should be doing. Take a picture of every single piece of art they make. Create an "art" folder on Facebook, Flickr, or your hard drive. Label everything with what it is and when it was done (ie Butterfly, May 2012).
  • Get Social 2 of 7
    Get Social
    Once you have pictures of the art, you could create a Tumblog of the images, create a photo book each year of their works, or sign them up for the DIY social network. The site is a place for kids to collect and share all the things they create as they grow.
  • Get Physical 3 of 7
    Get Physical
    Child's Own is just one of many companies that creates actual characters from your kids' cartoons. Formia Design will take your kid's scribbles and turn them into jewelry. Pretty cool.

    Image Credit Formia Design
  • Frame It 4 of 7
    Frame It
    We have some early artwork framed and hanging in the kids' playroom. Their first finger paints, early handprints, things like that. We also have a frame in our kitchen where we will swap out the latest masterpiece to suit the season.
  • Hang Them In The Garage 5 of 7
    Hang Them In The Garage
    Our son took an art class last summer. Every few days there was a new creation coming home. We quickly ran out of space, so we started hanging them in the garage. They're displayed, he gets to see them, and it adds something to an otherwise junky place.
  • Mail Them To Gramma 6 of 7
    Mail Them To Gramma
    You don't have to keep everything they make. A couple of times a year we will package up some favorites and ship them off to the grands to display.
  • Sort The Seasonal Stuff 7 of 7
    Sort The Seasonal Stuff
    I still have a cotton ball snowman I made when I was 6 years old I hang on my Christmas tree. My mom kept 'the good stuff' in seasonal boxes. Whether it's paper plate bats, or potato print pumpkins, take the stuff that matches the season and put it in the boxes with your 'fancy' decorations.

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