7 Habits You Should Teach Your Kid Now

7 Habits You Should Teach Your Kid NowWhen you think about parenting — the whole scope of it — it can be quite overwhelming. I mean, we’re in charge of raising this human to be the best they can be and to live happy in our society. As parents, we agonize over the big decisions, hope our kids grow up with the morals and skills and habits that we hope we’ve instilled into them and then send them off into the world.

I don’t only want my kids to survive, but I want them to thrive and I believe that can happen best if they’re taught all they need to be the best they can be. That starts with learning a few things — that seem totally simple now, but certain habits that will set them up for the best future while making things a little less annoying for me.

Check out these 7 habits you should teach your kid now:

  • Have a Bed Time Routine 1 of 7
    Have a Bed Time Routine
    This is a habit I am trying to work on with my kids right now. Having kids get into the habit of a healthy sleep pattern (kids, not babies), can make a difference in their day-to-day. If my kids don't get enough sleep, they're not all that fun to hang around. Getting them into the habit of going to bed at the same time nightly and ensuring the same amount of sleep can help change the day.
  • Stop Eating When Full 2 of 7
    Stop Eating When Full
    I am not a parent who insists my kids eat when we're all eating or finish everything on their plate. I believe that getting kids into the habit of listening to their own body cues for when they're hungry and when they're full will help them regulate their weight when they're older. No more mixed food messages!
  • Flossing and Brushing 3 of 7
    Flossing and Brushing
    Keeping up with your oral hygeine is so important and many times we're rushed. Getting your kids used to the idea of brushing and flossing and into the habit of doing it 2x a day will set them up for great oral health.
  • To Be On Time 4 of 7
    To Be On Time
    I don't care for people who are not on time. I don't like to be late and I hate when people are late for things we have scheduled. Teaching kids that being on time is important, will be beneficial when they're older. This habit, not matter how small the importance of keeping time is -- will keep you happy and their future too.
  • Put Their Stuff Back Where They Got It 5 of 7
    Put Their Stuff Back Where They Got It
    The sooner they get into this habit, the better too. It will save you a lot of correcting and sore feet from stepping on their toys. They will need gentle reminders as they first start to learn, but this habit will please everyone.
  • Be Polite 6 of 7
    Be Polite
    To everyone. The habit of saying "please" and "thank you", "excuse me" and table manners will say a lot about them when they're older. Best to get them used to it all as they're growing up.
  • Hang Up Their Stuff 7 of 7
    Hang Up Their Stuff
    Do you ever walk into the house and see your kids stuff everywhere? Do they come home from school and throw their coats on the floor of the closet? Getting your kids into the habit of hanging up their stuff will make a crazy day less crazy. Same goes for their laundry -- something I need to work on.

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