7 Holiday Traditions I Won’t Be Doing With My Kids This Year (+ 5 We Still Are)

7 Holiday Traditions I Won't Be Doing With My Kids This Year (+ 5 We Are Doing)Are you counting?

There are only 15 more days until Christmas and the excitement is building. There is still a lot I have to do to get everything ready for the fun-filled (few) days and trying not to panic with the time crunch.

We don’t tend to do much holiday things until after Speed’s birthday which is coming up soon. I like to keep them separate so instead of a month-long celebration buildup, we have just over a week of holiday-fun before Christmas.

I love family traditions and there is no real time of year where you see more traditions than around Christmas time. There are some families who go all out and have more activities than I can count. I am not a bah-humbug, but there are some holiday traditions that I just can’t get down with (yes, Santa is one of them) and so they won’t be part of our celebrations.

Click through to check out which 7 holiday traditions we won’t be doing this year (& 5 that we are doing):

  • 7 Holiday Traditions We Are Not Doing 1 of 14
    7 Holiday Traditions We Are Not Doing
    I am not a "bah-humbug" , but there are some holiday traditions that we just won't be doing this year.
  • Decorating the House 2 of 14
    Decorating the House
    A lot of this has to do when my son's birthday is (middle of December) and not wanting to have Christmas hype before that. We won't be decorating the house or putting lights outside or anything this year.
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  • Elf on the Shelf 3 of 14
    Elf on the Shelf
    I gotta say, I think the whole idea of the Elf on the Shelf is odd and not a message I personally want to give my kids. We won't be partaking this year (or any year).
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  • Santa Talk 4 of 14
    Santa Talk
    As you probably know, I am not a fan of Santa and do believe the idea of him is creepy. While I won't "crush" anything for my kids, we won't be giving gifts from Santa, visiting "him" at the mall or writing any letters.
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  • Decorating the Tree Together 5 of 14
    Decorating the Tree Together
    Whoa, full bah-humbug right? Don't worry, we will have a tree, but the family decorating night won't be happening in our family. We tend to put it up when the kids are in bed on Christmas eve.
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  • Sending Christmas Cards 6 of 14
    Sending Christmas Cards
    This year (and probably every year) we won't be getting professional-type photos done and sending them out as Christmas cards. It's a big tradition for a lot of families, but not our cup of tea.
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  • Cutting Down a Tree 7 of 14
    Cutting Down a Tree
    We have an artificial tree and have every year since we have had kids. I don't know if this will change later on, but for this year we won't be cutting down a tree.
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  • Going to Church 8 of 14
    Going to Church
    We are not a religious family and do we won't be heading to church this holiday season.
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  • 5 Holiday Traditions We Are Doing 9 of 14
    5 Holiday Traditions We Are Doing
    I don't hate the season, there are some traditions we are doing this year.
  • Giving Gifts 10 of 14
    Giving Gifts
    I love the excitement my kids have when they unwrap gifts and find something they just scream over. I love the pure joy in their face and the happy they can't contain.
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  • One Gift on Christmas Eve 11 of 14
    One Gift on Christmas Eve
    Every year, we each open a gift on Christmas Eve. It's always a pair of pajamas that we wear to bed that night and open our gifts in the next morning.
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  • Baking Cookies 12 of 14
    Baking Cookies
    A tradition that I am carrying on from when I was a kid, we will be making all our favorite holiday recipes, but gluten and dairy free.
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  • Yearly Ornament 13 of 14
    Yearly Ornament
    Each year, we purchase an ornament that says something about the year. A new baby, new school year or a new job -- in years we will have a tree with a whole story.
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  • Spending Time With Family 14 of 14
    Spending Time With Family
    That's the whole reason for the holiday's right? We will be spending three (and more) days with the ones closest to us.
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