7 Inexpensive Ways to Have Family Fun Your Kids Will Remember

Creating family memories that last a lifetime is easy, especially if you’re willing to loosen the parental reigns a little and have some naughty childlike fun.

I’ll admit, chilling out on the rules isn’t easy for me. I thrive amidst order and crumble under chaos so it’s not often that the kids can puppy dog face me into giving in. I may be the drill sergeant but at least the homework gets done.

But wait a minute, is that the mom I’ll be remembered as? The mom with a stick up her butt who needed a lesson in fun? God, I hope not!

Kids are all about fun and since they’re the ones who really know all about living, I took a cue from my kids and developed this list of how to create some awesome family fun. Best part is, none of this stuff involves a new gaming system or a second on my mortgage!

  • Ditch Day 1 of 7
    Ditch Day
    Yes, children need to be in school, but a ditch day once in a blue moon is fun for the whole family!
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  • Where No Child Has Slept Before 2 of 7
    Where No Child Has Slept Before
    Give your kids permission to set up camp for the night anywhere other than their bed. A small change can be big time fun!
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  • Breakfast for Dinner 3 of 7
    Breakfast for Dinner
    Pancakes for dinner are not only delicious, they're deliciously fun!
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  • King or Queen for the Day 4 of 7
    King or Queen for the Day
    Allow your child to make all the big decisions for a day. What should we eat? Where should we go? What should we do?
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  • Play in the Rain (You Too, Mom and Dad)! 5 of 7
    Play in the Rain (You Too, Mom and Dad)!
    This time don't fight Mother Nature; embrace her!
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  • Stay Up Really, Really Late 6 of 7
    Stay Up Really, Really Late
    Break the nighttime curfew on a weekend and stay up late watching movies or playing games!
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  • Eat a Backwards Dinner 7 of 7
    Eat a Backwards Dinner
    Dessert first, followed by your meal. If you're afraid your child won't eat their meal, you're probably right — and it's probably fine just this once!
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How do you create lasting family memories?

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