7 Inventions For Moms That Science Needs To Work On

I sweep my floors after every meal. Every time I sweep my floors, I think, “There’s got to be a better way.” We live in an era where kitchen designers put functioning faucets over the stove so you can fill a pasta pot without leaving the heat source. Surely, SURELY, there is something equivalent for floors that doesn’t involve feeding kids on the lawn and letting squirrels eat the crumbs.

I think science has forgotten about moms. Sure, there are innovations in important things like toothpaste in flavors that kids actually tolerate but there is a lot of room for scientific improvement in other areas. And no, I don’t mean in the realm of cleaning supplies. A new and improved tub cleaner is not what I need in my life. And I also don’t need a new and improved package for a tub cleaner I already like. I mean, really, scientists. You can do better than that.

Click through for inventions I’d like to see science develop to help parents everywhere! What would you like science to invent?

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  • Self Sweeping Floor 2 of 8
    red broom

    As I said before, I sweep the floor after every meal because my kids are giant crumb factories. What I need is some kind of mechanised floor that can slope down and scoot the crumbs into a receptacle that empties outdoors. Or I need a robot dog that eats crumbs. Not a real dog. I'm going for a cleaner house, after all.

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  • Lego Magnet 3 of 8

    Action films always make excellent use of magnets for things like grabbing microchips or letting Tom Cruise scale buildings. There needs to be a device that is like a magnet that attracts plastic so that I can pick up Legos without getting on all fours to hunt for them. Maybe static electricity could come into play? 

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  • Homing Devices for Shoes 4 of 8

    I would get out of the house a million times faster if there was a "find your iPhone" type function for my kids' shoes.

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  • Some Alternative to Snaps on Toddler Clothes 5 of 8
    baby clothes

    I spend way too much time and way too much energy trying to hold my 1 year old still long enough for me to snap her clothes into place. We need something that holds clothes shut but doesn't require the kind of precision that snaps need. Maybe those magnetic closures like on purses? Velcro? Not duct tape, though. Trust me on that.

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  • Sock Sorter 6 of 8

    OK, maybe science isn't the field that can help me with this never ending chore. Maybe fashion is the answer. If unmatched socks could become cool, I'd be set.

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  • Built In Car Seats 7 of 8
    car seat

    No activity fills me with rage like installing car seats. I always end up sweating and swearing when I have to do it. I would pay extra for a car that came with car seats built in. I would even pay for a service that upgraded the seats as kids age out of one kind and into another. Please, car engineers, make this real.

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  • Robot Maid Like In The Jetsons 8 of 8

    If science can't do any of the other things on my wish list, maybe it can finally create a robot maid like on the Jetsons who can take care of all this stuff for me. 

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