7 Lessons I Learned at Little League

I’m a typical American mother which means that I’ve spent very many weekends sitting on the bleachers and watching my son play baseball.

I learned a lot about the sport, by watching, by asking question, by talking to the other parents.

Click through for the 7 Lessons that I learned this season.

All images in the slide show are courtesy of the wonderful A Side of Rice.

  • There is so much crying in baseball 1 of 7
    There is so much crying in baseball
    A perfect catch can make me tear up. And so can a perfect pitch. Whoever said there's no crying in baseball must have been very dehydrated.
  • Commitment 2 of 7
    When a coach stays with the team even though his son gets an injury that lands him on the DL early on in the season, I learned a lesson about commitment. And so did the entire team.
  • Empathy 3 of 7
    When a kid gets called out for sliding head first to second base, my heart breaks for him. Even though he's on the other team and our team really needed that out.
  • Pride 4 of 7
    I'd rather see a home run than a shooting star. (The frequency with which I've seen either one this year is about the same.)
  • Restraint (aka Laziness) 5 of 7
    Restraint (aka Laziness)
    Sometimes I want to kick dirt at the umpire. Except then I'd have to get up from the bleachers. So I stay seated and exercise impulse control.
  • Focus 6 of 7
    A group of funny, silly kids will be transformed into a serious team as they take the field.
  • Camaraderie 7 of 7
    Even though we met only this season, my heart will beat with a fellow mom's as she watches her son take his first pitch.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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