7 Of The Most Expensive Summer Camps For Kids

We’ve picked through our Community Guide and have selected a couple of weeks of Day Camps for our boys. They’ll head to a community centre and do arts, crafts, swimming, and gym activities for a week in July, and a week in August. The rest of the time, they’ll be home.

At $150 a week for each Day Camp, and 2 kids, it was all we could afford to do. The weekends will be filled with camping, and hiking, and all sorts of fun stuff, but during the week they’ll be kicking it around the house with our Nanny, or heading to local parks to meet with friends.

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Some of the summer camps in our community looked spectacular, but were tough to co-ordinate commutes with our work schedule, or too expensive. For us, expensive meant upwards of $300 for a week of 8-5 Day Camping. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when sleep away camp, or a specialized sport camp begs to become a line item in our family budget.

That all said, some people have no problem breaking the bank when it comes to giving their kids summer adventures. Business Insider has rundown of some of the most expensive summer camps for kids.

The cost of these camps starts at $10 000 for the summer, and goes up from there. As much as I am not looking forward to having the kids whining “I’m bored” every day during their vacation, I can’t imagine packing them up and shipping them out for 7-10 weeks of sleepaway camp.  Isn’t summer supposed to be a great family bonding time?

You can see the highlights below, or find the whole list at the Business Insider.

  • Summer Camp 1 of 8
    6 Expensive Summer Camps For Kids

    From posh accommodations to low counselor to camper ratios, check out these ultra exclusive camps to get the kids out of your hair for the entire summer. 

  • Casco, Maine 2 of 8
    Most Expensive Summer Camps - Camp Cedar

    Camp Cedar - 7 weeks for $10,450

    For more than 60 years, Camp Cedar has been a place for boys to go to an active sports camp including lacrosse, hockey, fishing, volleyball, archery, and water skiing.

    8-15 year olds are spoiled with a 2.5:1 counsellor to camper ratio.

    Image via Camp Cedar

  • Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire 3 of 8
    Expensive Summer Camps - Winaukee

    Camp Winaukee - 7 weeks for $10,350

    Founded in 1920, Winaukee enjoys a reputation as one of the premier sports and adventure camps in America for boys 7-12 and 13-15.

    Activities at camp include: baseball, football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, archery, golf, canoeing, kayaking, outdoor adventure, ropes, arts & crafts, and theater.

    Image via Camp Winaukee

  • Brant Lake, New York 4 of 8
    Expensive Summer Camps - Point O Pines

    Camp Point O'Pines - 8 weeks for $10,750

    For more than 50 years, girls have been getting up early and rolling through 8 activity changes a day. The resort nestled in the Adirondacks is proud to help girls try new things, discover themselves, and make lasting friendships.

    Image via Camp Point O'Pines

  • Raquette Lake, New York 5 of 8
    Expensive Summer Camps For Kids - Raquette Lake

    Raquette Lake Camp 7 weeks for $10,850

    While I am all for wearing a uniform at school, I don't know if I'd go as far as to extend the rule to summer camps.  This camp has kids all dressed alike starting at 6 years old as the girls take equestrian, gymnastics, and sailing. The boys grub up their unis playing lacrosse, mountain biking, and lacrosse.

    Image via Raquette Lake Camp

  • Greenfield Park, New York 6 of 8
    Expensive Summer Camps - International Riding Camp

    International Riding Camp 10 weeks for $14, 700

    For girls 7-17, this camp is a serious riding experience.  3 - 4 1/2 hours a day is spent in the saddle. Off riding activities include tennis, swimming, and water skiing. Then there are the  trips to New York City and Southampton. This exclusive experience is topped at 45 campers.

    An average day starts at 7:15 a.m., breakfast is at 7:30 a.m. Evening activities run until 7:30 p.m. and lights out by 10.

    Image via International Riding Camp

    There's a maximum of 45 campers in a session.

  • Bridgton, Maine 7 of 8
    Expensive Summer Camps - Camp Wildwood

    Camp Wildwood 7 weeks for $10,500

    For more than 50 years, Camp Wildwood has been proud of an experience that focuses on people, program, and philosophy.  With 2 baseball diamonds, a 4 hole golf course, BMX track, indoor/outdoor hockey, soccer fields, and more there is little chance the boys will get bored here. The camp highlights the efforts they take to understand each child as an individual.

    Image via Camp Wildwood

  • Hunt, Texas 8 of 8
    Expensive Summer Camps

    Camp Waldemar - $900 - $1000 per week

    Called the 'quintessential Texas camp,' Waldemar is not your unplugged nitty gritty cabin camping experience. Dinner is served by waiters and the girls eat with polished silverware.  There are classes in etiquette and manners, leading some to suspect this is more resort finishing school than camp.  Still, for all the pampering, they do get into it with Dragon Boat races that are legendarily loud. 

    The icing? Come back for a 4th consecutive year and the camp will present you with a diamond ring.

    Image via Camp Waldemar


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