7 Phrases That Raise Anxiety For Parents

7 Phrases That Raise Anxiety in Parents the Moment a Kid Says ItThere are some parts of parenting that are just harder than others. We have big decisions that we have to make. Of course we get anxiety over making the right decision! We have friend situations, school situations, and sibling fights to referee.

It’s not all fun and games, but it’s totally worth it.

Then there are times where it’s our kids themselves that have a knack for raising our anxiety. It can be a simple look that they give you or you could be cleaning the kitchen and hear one of your children mutter a simple phrase up in their bedroom.

There are some phrases that you hear your child say that will make your blood pressure rise and definitely won’t make your day.

Click through to read 7 phrases that raise anxiety in parents the moment that it comes out of your kid’s mouth:

  • “Huh, I Didn’t Know That Would Happen.” 1 of 7
    "Huh, I Didn't Know That Would Happen."
    When you hear a child say this phrase you're likely about to find out they were trying something new and didn't predict the outcome. Prepare for closets that have over-flown, door handles coming off or something equally as scary.
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  • “Uh-oh” 2 of 7
    Usually followed up by spilled milk, shattered iPhone or torn couches.
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  • <> 3 of 7
    Nothing good comes from a child being too quiet. May sound awesome, but they're usually destroying your white wall with purple and red markers.
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  • “I’m Telling Mom!” 4 of 7
    "I'm Telling Mom!"
    Anxiety rising because it usually means you have to referee another fight or one child destroyed something that belongs to your other child.
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  • “Hide! Mom is Coming!” 5 of 7
    "Hide! Mom is Coming!"
    They know they are doing something they shouldn't or broke something that mom really loves. Watch out for broken glass or fallen window blinds.
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  • “Quick! Shut the Door!” 6 of 7
    "Quick! Shut the Door!"
    Again, your kids know they are doing something wrong and believe that if they shut the door, they're safe. Watch out for kids jumping on beds, couches or throwing peanut butter crackers on the wall as a race.
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  • “What Did You Do?” 7 of 7
    "What Did You Do?"
    When you have more than one child, this phrase is rarely good. It's usually followed up with broken lamps, kids running in the other direction or a family heirloom destroyed.
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