7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Trying to Get Your Kids to Do Chores

7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Trying to Get Your Kids to Do ChoresIf you have kids and they have responsibilities around the house — chores — I bet you have come across the whines and complaints. No one likes to do things that they don’t want to do, but teaching our kids responsibility and taking ownership over their items is important in learning.

I started late with giving my kids house responsibilities and it was a struggle to get them to do their chores consistently. While I expect there will be from time-to-time some hesitation, I would much prefer them to just accept it and make it a part of routine.

There were 7 pitfalls I had when I first started introducing the idea of chores to the kids routine. I think had I avoided these in the first place, the transition to more responsibility would have gone a lot smoother.

Click through to read 7 pitfalls you want to avoid when trying to get your kids to do the chores:

  • Don’t Give Chores Above Age Range 1 of 7
    Don't Give Chores Above Age Range
    Don't expect too much out of your kids and make sure the tasks you're giving are not too above their age range and they can actually do.
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  • Don’t Be Inconsistant 2 of 7
    Don't Be Inconsistant
    If your kids know what to expect and it's become part of a routine, it will be easier. If you wait to ask them to do cleanup when there's a huge mess, it won't go over well.
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  • Don’t Forget Praise 3 of 7
    Don't Forget Praise
    I know people are weird about giving out "good job" praises for fear your kid will turn out wrong, but I believe they're important. We all like feedback and it will help encourage your kids to keep going.
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  • Don’t Start Late 4 of 7
    Don't Start Late
    The earlier you start, the easier it will be. Kids love routine -- especially mine -- and I've found that the sooner I encouraged it, the more routine it became and therefore, easier.
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  • Don’t Make it Unclear 5 of 7
    Don't Make it Unclear
    My kids love to know what to do and I bet your's are the same. Make a chore chart or a list so your kids know exactly what you expect.
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  • Don’t Forget to Model and Teach 6 of 7
    Don't Forget to Model and Teach
    Kids don't just automatically know how to clean, so be sure to model what to do yourself and teach them along the way. They will be more likely to do their work if they don't see you sitting and watching tv.
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  • Don’t Expect Perfection 7 of 7
    Don't Expect Perfection
    Don't have unrealistic expectations on the most amazing job ever -- kids are still learning. Make sure your expectations are age-appropriate too and you don't expect them to be expert cleaners.
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