7 Places You Would Be Less Annoying If You Followed the Rules of the Road

7 Places You Would Be Less Annoying If You Followed the Rules of the RoadPeople confuse me and more than a few times a week I find myself wondering where common sense went when I am out in public.

I see it every time I am at the grocery store, when I am picking my kids up from school and generally I have a feeling people are no longer understanding the general rules of crowds we should all be following.

The rules are not that complicated if you really think about it. Most of us know the rules of the road that are there to keep everything in order and keep us safe. Well, it really shouldn’t be different for other areas where there may be high (foot) traffic and people going in different directions.

Click through to find out which places you could make yourself less annoying if you followed one simple rule:

  • School Hallway 1 of 7
    School Hallway
    An area of high foot traffic, it's important to make sure you follow the rules. Walk on the correct side of the hall, don't stop in the middle of 'traffic' and keep the pace.
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  • Entrances/Exits of Buildings 2 of 7
    Entrances/Exits of Buildings
    Just as you would never just stop and park in the middle of an intersection or driveway to a popular store, don't stop and chat with a group of people, blocking off the doors!
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  • Escalator 3 of 7
    The escalator can be thought of like a two lane highway. If you're going to stand and wait for the stairs to move you up, keep to the right so people can pass you on the left.
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  • Grocery Store 4 of 7
    Grocery Store
    Another area of high traffic where many rules apply. Don't park your cart and walk across the aisle to get what you're after. Don't stop in the middle to chat with someone you see and keep to the correct side of the hall just as you would with the road.
    Photo credit: christine592/Flickr
  • Bikes on the Road 5 of 7
    Bikes on the Road
    You can't drive without a seatbelt so you shouldn't ride your bike without a helmet. Also, if you're one of those who like to ride on the side walk, remember the side you're driving on and make room for pedestrians!
    Photo credit: islandjoe/Flickr
  • Elevators 6 of 7
    If you've ever been in an elevator and at your stop when you try to get out but people decide to get in before they let you out -- it's annoying! Just as you can't turn into a lane where someone is waiting to turn out, you can't do that in an elevator either.
    Photo credit: robinsonsmay/Flickr
  • Side Walks 7 of 7
    Side Walks
    I am still trying to figure out why this is so difficult for people. Just as you can't drive any direction on the road, you can't do that when you're walking down the side walk.
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