7 Reasons I Have the “After-Holiday Blues”

7 Reasons I Have the "After-Holiday Blues"Did you all have a great holiday?

I hope you did and we are very happy to have had one of my favorite holidays seasons so far. I think that I am really digging the age the kids are now. They understand the excitement and they anticipate it. Their enthusiasm has provided me with a lot of entertainment over the past week.

We had lots of family time, lots of fun surprises, and, like always, it went by way too quickly. Months and months of planning and wrapping and list-making quickly ends and I am typically always left with some sort of “after-holiday blues.” It’s a combination of many things that all come with having kids and this year, it seems to have hit me a lot harder than others thanks to some extra contributing circumstances.

There are 7 reasons why I am suffering from the after-holiday blues and I am sure there are a few of you out there who can relate!

  • Winter Has Arrived 1 of 7
    Winter Has Arrived
    I was so happy to have the second ever green-Christmas this year (the first was last year). However, the day after we were hit with a big snow storm and well, winter has arrived.
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  • No Room for Toys 2 of 7
    No Room for Toys
    My kids were very lucky this holiday and received a lot of toys. Totally awesome for them, but I am kind of left wondering where to put them. I wish I prepared ahead of time and bought more storage containers!
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  • Hyper-Stimulated Kids 3 of 7
    Hyper-Stimulated Kids
    There is so much new things going on with the family gatherings and toys and chocolate that my kids have entered the phase where they're both happy and tired-miserable at the same time.
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  • Garbage, Garbage Everywhere! 4 of 7
    Garbage, Garbage Everywhere!
    Toy boxes, random wrapping paper and instruction booklets has taken over my house. It will take a while for us to get it all back in order.
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  • So.Much.Food 5 of 7
    Holiday feasts are the best and this year... it was just all so much leaving me with a stomach ache (thanks celiac disease).
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  • The Kids Are Off School 6 of 7
    The Kids Are Off School
    They are going to love the holiday break and I do love hanging out with them, but 2 weeks off while trying to get the house back in order after the holiday is well, difficult.
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  • The Flu Has Hit 7 of 7
    The Flu Has Hit
    This holiday seemed to be a really bad one for the flu and it's hit our house. I have runny-nosed kids, coughing kids and sneezing everywhere ... help!
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