7 Reasons I’m Considering Homeschooling My Kids and 3 Reasons I’m Afraid To Do It

I never really enjoyed school growing up. I didn’t have terrible teachers, issues with bullying or trouble learning — but there was just something about it I never really liked.

When my kids started school, I had those familiar pangs from years ago when I thought about having to go to school. I wondered if my kids would feel the same way about it, if they would love it or if we would encounter any issues with the public school system.

So far, it’s been going okay and my kids really do seem to enjoy going. There are some areas where I wonder if homeschooling them would be the better decision. There are a lot more homeschooling resources available now vs. back in the day and while there are some great reasons why I we are really considering it, there are also some reasons I am still nervous about taking that step.

Check out some reasons I am really considering homeschool for my kids and 3 reasons while I am still nervous about doing it:

  • 7 Reasons I’m Considering Homeschool 1 of 12
    7 Reasons I'm Considering Homeschool
    I have been thinking about homeschool for a few years and there are some great reasons I am considering it for our kids.
  • More Flexibility 2 of 12
    More Flexibility
    With our own schedule we don't have to worry about sick days, vacation time or working around the public school's timeline. We can have shorter class one day and longer days the next depending on the need.
  • Stronger Focus on Family 3 of 12
    Stronger Focus on Family
    I believe homeschool would strengthen the family bond. I will help us work together better, build communication, and make us all closer.
  • Food-Related Safety Conerns 4 of 12
    Food-Related Safety Conerns
    The school is not gluten-free, and with Raru's gluten issues, I worry about her health in the public school system.
  • Build Work Ethic and Confidence 5 of 12
    Build Work Ethic and Confidence
    I am certain they can develop this skill through traditional school too, but there is something about doing it all on your own that builds the ethics and confidence I want them to have.
  • Try Different Learning Methods and Needs 6 of 12
    Try Different Learning Methods and Needs
    There are many different ways to learn and school just does it one way. At home, we could find and work with the methods that work best for my kids. Whether that be hands on, through reading or watching -- or a combination of them all their needs could be more catered.
  • Issues With Other Kids 7 of 12
    Issues With Other Kids
    There hasn't been a lot of trouble, but there has been some. It makes me wonder if my kids would be happier at home where they don't have to clash with other personalities.
  • A Better Schedule 8 of 12
    A Better Schedule
    My kids don't really do well with the early morning wake-ups. I can't blame them, I am the same way. If we homeschooled, we could let them sleep a little longer in the morning.
  • 3 Reasons I’m Nervous About Homeschool 9 of 12
    3 Reasons I'm Nervous About Homeschool
    I haven't taken the plunge yet, even with 7 great reasons I should -- because I am still nervous.
  • Where To Find the Time? 10 of 12
    Where To Find the Time?
    With work and all the other things -- how do you find the time and right balance for everything?
  • What If I’m No Good? 11 of 12
    What If I'm No Good?
    I think I would be a good teacher and I think I've done well so far, but what if my lack of abilities keeps my kids down?
  • Will They Have Friends? 12 of 12
    Will They Have Friends?
    When I grew up, most of my friendships were developed from school. I worry that if I homeschool the kids that they will not develop as strong friendships from seeing someone every day.

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